I found the most unfussy coffee maker that makes a decent cup


I was recently asked if I use my wardrobe philosophy in other areas of my life.  I do!  One example, is how I  make  my coffee with a Vietnamese coffee maker, aka phin.  I can’t live without coffee and decided to make it at home to save time and money.  In my search for the best coffee maker, I was so close to buying this fancy highly rated coffee maker with all the bells and whistles after reading every coffee snob review out there.  Then I slapped myself, listened to my gut and said, no this is crazy.  Why do I need something so complicated? People have been making great coffee for decades with much less.  There had to be a better solution, it was the phin!  Now my favorite kitchen tool.

Here’s why I like it:

  • it’s dirt cheap (amazon)
  • it’s 100% stainless steel and has no plastic parts that can emit toxic chemicals
  • your purchase supports small business owners in Vietnam
  • it makes a range of strengths from espresso to light coffee
  • requires no outlet
  • no bells and whistles to break down
  • it’s durable
  • it makes coffee in less than 2 minutes
  • it’s attractive
  • it takes up no space at all
  • does not require paper filters
  • washing only involves a quick rinse under warm water (less than 10 seconds!)
  • it’s the same method my parents use to make their coffee, in other words, it makes me feel culturally authentic
  • it creates very little waste and does not kill our environment like K cups

Coffee snobs will say the best way to make coffee is by a careful pour over method using something like the Hario V60 or the Kalita Wave, but I decided against it because I felt the phin was good enough.  I just can’t be bothered with using a paper filter for marginally better coffee.  What’s your favorite minimalist kitchen tool?  Would love to hear your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “I found the most unfussy coffee maker that makes a decent cup

  1. This is so interesting! Coffee doesn’t have to be complicated. I am ashamed to admit that as lo-fi as I’ve ever gone in coffee town is a French press. It was ok… I won’t even say what I use now…. I need to expand my horizons! I’m trying to look at food as a minimalist. It’s really hard, even though I know it should be basic! Could you consider posting some of your favorite minimalist recipes/tips for people like me? Thanks!

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    1. Thanks Beth. Yes, every once in a while I’ll post recipes. I used to do it a lot more, but had a little more fun with wardrobe stuff. I think I’ll post a little more on household items related to food/kitchen tools. As for recipes, I guess I don’t cook very much anymore due to my schedule so that’s why its lacking there. I used a french press too, but actually found it too cumbersome to wash and felt that it was harder to make a small batch for one person when compared to the phin.


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