good reads


Here are some good reads on issues affecting my demographic: the older half of millennial women.  You know who you are, if Y2K and puberty was a big thing in your life at approximately the same time… yes you! .. enjoy!

  1.  How millennials are driving the demand for transparency in the fashion industry @ Nylon.  Yay for us.  We are pushing industry to save the planet.
  2. One millennial minimalist woman’s stance on giving yourself permission to not have kids @ JennyMustard.  I love how unapologetic she is on a whole range of topics even though our lifestyles are very different.
  3. The president of Barnard College, the all girls branch of Columbia University, talks candidly about aging and feeling conflicted about getting botox.  She describes the pressure to be wrinkle-free among the sea perfect looking women in the upper class corners of Manhattan @ the New York Times.  I do see what she is talking about when I walk down Park Ave.  It’s a strange new world and we can’t help but feel affected, even if we don’t want to admit it.

image credit:  New York Times

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