Outfit: for a walk in Central Park on a cool Sunday afternoon.


I have Sunday mornings all to myself for the next few months as my BF is off teaching a weekend class.  I used this time today to take my dog on a walk while listening to The Minimalists podcast episode on debt.  I’m pretty late to the whole podcast scene and was pleasantly surprised by their quality content.  These guys aren’t too extreme and have really mature perspectives on life based on starting from rock bottom, reaching success, and then choosing to make huge changes to their lives to bring them happiness.  They are super inspiring to listen to, I think more so than reading their blog.  After listening, I felt inspired to go on a manicure ban for the rest of the year to save some money.  Notice my bare fingernails?  I do pedicures at home because they require little effort and upkeep, so that won’t change.  

Also I wanted to give an update on these Chaco sandals:  They are a little tricky at first to adjust the straps just right, but once you get your groove on, they are heaven to your feet!  And now they come in a chic monochrome style!

What are your most comfortable shoes?  Have you made any wardrobe / beauty sacrifices recently to reduce spending too?  Would love to hear your experience.

[outfit:  Madewell sweater shirt, Everlane street fleece pants, Madewell key chain, Cluse watch, Chaco Classic Sandals]

8 thoughts on “Outfit: for a walk in Central Park on a cool Sunday afternoon.

  1. Love this. I also only do my own nails. To be honest, I feel like I do a more precise job and in far less time. I highly recommend Butter London’s cuticule melter (Melt Away?). I usually have my fingernails bare or something very light or classic (red), clipped short and straight, with my cuticles in good shape. I am happier with the way this looks then chipping polish any day. I type a lot and wash my hands constantly, so….once a week.
    Love those joggers and chacos!
    Also, I read the last post about the face cream, but I am too busy to comment in two different places! I will have to check it out. I really love product by Pollis choice. They are no nonsense. I recommend the barrier repair moisturizer with retinol and the 2% BHA skin perfecting liquid. Very reasonably priced. I’m actually on the hunt for a new moisturizer. Right now I am using Belif’s Aqua Bomb, which is unique but too early to tell if I really like it.
    Have a beautiful Sunday!

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  2. P.s. I forgot to mention that I also love the Resist antiaging eye cream ( normally, I would get these little smile lines, like crows feet at the corners of my eyes, but this stuff stops them and the make up that sits on top of it looks perfect). It’s also pretty easy on the wallet compared to the other thousands of products I tried. I have to say that since I started using some of her products, it really made me feel awful for spending so many years wasting my money on the (let’s be honest) packaging and gimmicks of Sephora. I will occasionally by one or two items from Sephora, but for skincare, I had to get serious. When I say no nonsense, I mean these are the people who write beautypedia, which really helped me learn about what my skin needs in my early 30s by separating the hype from what works. Come to think of it, if you are interested in checking something out from them, they do sell very cheap samples, let me know. They have this system for referrals and I think we could both get $10 if you order. Before I tried any of their products, I bought tiny samples of everything, which were like a dollar apiece. It really helped my wallet, because I was buying full-size products at Sephora that were basically just garbage-y chemicals. Sorry to write a book here, but this has been a recent revelation for me, and has really streamlined my whole skincare process. I am 32, and was in the same boat about early wrinkles. The products I mentioned have really helped me. But, I refused to use more than three products on my face at a time. Who has time for that!?

    I am leaving my email address that I use for purchasing, if you want to email me back. I can look into that $10 thing.


  3. Thanks Beth, I wanted to check out Butter London nail polish too. I actually ran out of my go to cream color so next time I’ll replace with Butter London. I still got more to go on my current tube of moisturizer, but when I’m ready to stock up again, I might email you for that offer. Thank you. I only use two skin products on my face, only the Rose day cream and sunblock when it is sunny. I read a lot of reviews and watch out for fake reviews too when deciding on what to buy. Sounds like you’ve got a good eye for quality stuff too. =)


    1. Absolutely! I feel like it took me awhile to figure it out. I spent a mint on products from Sephora and Ulta because I thought the brand was what mattered, but cosmetic companies cut corners and use a lot of unnecessary fancy-sounding ingredients that don’t do anything at all. I always trusted beautypedia reviews because they supply actual study data ( I used to work in the medical field, so old habits die hard ), so when I figured out that that was linked with Paula’s Choice, it just made sense. Keep the awesome blog posts coming! I listened to that that podcast from the minimalists, and I am hooked. I have grad school loans and I feel superior motivated to tackle them! Thanks for sharing that!


    1. I really like them. Getting a good fit matters. My only complaint is that you can feel the metal zipper on your ankles. It’s a minor thing and it doesn’t prevent me from wearing them all the time. They are super cozy and look great in person.


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