Lessons from a leaner closet


Like a lot of other people, I felt like I learned a lot about myself in the process of paring down.  When forced to make tough decisions on what stays or goes, I learned about what was most important to me.  Since my focus here has been on personal style, I wanted to share some of the things I learned in that department.

My favorite and most worn clothes were surprisingly from a broad range of retailers, from cheap fast fashion stores like H&M to designers like Trade-Mark.  Although I try to shop more consciously at ethical brands as much as possible now, for moral reasons, I don’t mind at all holding onto high rotation, fast fashion clothing that I already have and I like mixing it all up.  

My preferred color palette is mostly neutral but somewhat varied:  black, grays, white, creams, army green, tan, and pale blues.  My preferred jewelry are gold tones, are minimal enough to be worn everyday, and cheap enough to be lost without a total meltdown.  I lose jewelry often (and  sunglasses too).

I also realized that there are a bunch of reasons I won’t wear something:

if it requires dry cleaning (why I don’t wear silk)

if it tends to get smelly (polyester pits!)

if it clings to my belly or the entire length of my back, butt, and thigh

if it requires a strapless bra (I can’t be bothered)

if heels are over 2.5 inches (feminist principles and my poor feet!)

As for the qualities I do like:

machine washable cottons

lose, slightly over-sized, and boxy shapes

styles that honor the working class ethos:

made to last, reinforced seams, pockets (except for cargo pants)

These are changes I’ve made to my wardrobe over the past few years.  I’m more satisfied with my closet than I’ve ever been before and it’s thanks to inspiration I get from other bloggers who write about their style thought processes.  What new things have you learned about your personal style?  Would love to hear your thoughts.

image credit: death by elocution



10 thoughts on “Lessons from a leaner closet

  1. Handy hint with the silk – you can actually wash most silk items on a ‘delicate’ setting on your washing machine as long as you pop the item in a laundry bag. I have a small wardrobe and my silk things are some of my most favourite things. I’ve cared for one shirt this way for years and it’s still doing well!

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    1. Thanks for the hint. I think maybe when I get an apartment with its own washer and dryer I will start doing this. When you gotta lug big loads manhattan laundromat, it can be all too fussy and expensive. One day!


  2. I would like to know too. I got the pic from death by elocution, she has an amazing tumblr with tons of chic basic outfit picture. There is no branding on her site usually, so the pictures are really just meant to give you ideas and not to sell products.. so it is nice!


      1. hahaha, you’re funny. I’m going to steal that phrase from you. It’s good. I’ve definitely thought about removing branding from my outfit posts because I really want to inspire ideas rather than encouraging more consumerism. But I think the down side to that is it leaves the readers in the dark, and that’s not good either.


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