Why I stopped wearing patterns


As I pruned my wardrobe down to the clothes I wore most often and then reflected on why I wore some things more than others, I realized I had gotten rid of almost all my clothes with patterns.  Patterns are exciting when first purchased but after a few wears, I tend to get sick of looking at them.  And because they stand out in people’s memory, I feel that I can’t wear the same patterned clothing over and over again.

Once I realized this, I shopped much less at retailers like Anthropologie, and I think this is the current trend as millennials get more and more consumer fatigued. (btw, no surprise stores like Anthro aren’t doing so well.)  Plain and minimal patterns like stripes, on the other hand, are versatile and timeless.  To keep it interesting, I’ve been putting more focus on quality fabrics and interesting cuts.  The results:  I’m less infatuated by loud patterns now, I’m adding items much more slowly than before, and have fewer regrets.  Although I still make mistakes sometimes, it’s not nearly as bad as when I was in my 20s.

[outfit:  black crane wide slit culottes, kork ease myrna sandals, apc half moon bag]

4 thoughts on “Why I stopped wearing patterns

  1. I never thought of it this way, but you’re exactly right. I think going with quality material and construction, plus an interesting cut Is a much wider decision. As a teacher, there is this unspoken pressure to wear something new and interesting every day. He constantly feel on display to the same audience over and over. It’s probably just in my subconscious, but I really like this philosophy. Sooo sick of shopping, feeling like I’m meeting some ephemeral endpoint. It never ends.
    I just love your blog!


    1. It’s true! I think that is why I have such a complicated relationship with shopping and coordinating my closet. Part of it is my identity, but a lot of that used to be influenced by what others would think of what I was wearing. In a way, it is fun to be a topic of conversation, but I’m a natural introvert in an extrovert’s career and I have had to figure out how to find a balance. Sometimes, it’s just nice to have comfortable shoes for my own happiness. 🙂

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