retirement of things


Today, my beloved blanket of 7+ years alas, has disintegrated.  It made me happy to realize that I’m decluttering an item because I’ve loved and used it to the point of demise.  Turns out not every thing I toss out is due to a bad decision after all, yay!  Thinking about tossing this blanket out as ‘decluttering’ didn’t quite capture things.  

Wouldn’t it be more suiting to say that this thing, this blanket, is graduating from my home? or better yet, entering early retirement?  And what if most of our new purchases are so well thought out that they too will achieve this big moment one day?  I thought about all the reasons I loved this blanket (it’s soft, cozy, simple, cotton, bleach-able, not too warm, but not too cold) and began searching for the same qualities in a new blanket, which ended up being a totally guilt free purchase.



  1. […] Retirement of Things – I love this thought by Dr It Girl on “retiring” things that have served their purpose (very Marie Kondo!) vs getting rid of things because of bad decisions.  Ideally, I think we’d all like to buy things that are so loved they wear out and have to be grudgingly retired, but as I talk about ALL THE TIME, it’s not that easy (and I try. hard.).  Sometimes you don’t know what’s going to work until you get it, try it, and/or wear it for a while.  Maybe it ends up being a closet hero, and maybe it ends up not working out for some reason or another.  I’m not sure what the answer is, other than being as mindful as we can about what and why we buy, keeping in mind what we would do with the item if it doesn’t work out – can it be sold? given away? donated? […]



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