outfit: work pants

elizabeth suzann

Thought I should post another outfit with the Elizabeth Suzann work pants that I got for my birthday.  These pants have really turned out to be a good investment.  The pockets are huge without giving you a (tacky) cargo pants type of look.  And they seem to go well with everything in my wardrobe.  My only complaint is that pet hair tends to stick to the fabric but that’s not a big deal for me.  The top is from TradeMark, a minimalist label with excellent craftsmanship.  I was drawn to the socialist vibe of this shirt and its understated pale yellow color, to add just a little warmth to my otherwise grayscale wardrobe.


trademark scallop top

[outfit:  Trade-Mark Label scallop sleeveless shirt, Elizabeth Suzann work pants, Vionic Relax Slippers, APC half moon bag]

4 thoughts on “outfit: work pants

  1. Use of yellow A+! My wardrobe follows a similar greyscale color scheme. The other day, I was sitting in the class I’m TA’ing (in all black) and it hit me that I felt my look was harsh. I shy away from multiple colors, but I think yellow/ golds are able to add a nice softness to a look without being visually overwhelming.


    1. Thanks! I’ve also had that sudden awareness that my all black outfits look too gloomy to others.. Sometimes I don’t care but in certain settings, I’ll add a tiny bit of color to change it up.

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