outfit: nautical summer uniform

culotte outfit

For the longest time, I thought culottes could only look good on models and tall people but realized there’s actually a huge range of shapes and fabric weights when it comes to culottes and it’s all about finding the right one for you.  I got this two piece set from Madewell this summer and really love it.  It has kept me comfortable and breezy during this long summer heatwave.  It’s got such an interesting character to it–part tomboy nautical, part cute African school girl.

madewell culotte summer outfit

[outfit:  Madewell top and culottes, kork ease myrna wedge sandals]

4 thoughts on “outfit: nautical summer uniform

  1. I love this. I have to say your posts are so inspirational to me as a quasi-minimalist. I’m a teacher and have developed sort of a uniform, I guess, but I like to mix it up witha new, durable, versatile piece here and there. I wasn’t sure how well things were made at Madewell (the irony), but I have found one of their hi-line dresses super practical.
    I just wanted to reach out and say thanks for providing continuously interesting content.


    1. Thanks Beth! That means a lot. Madewell generally has pretty good quality except for their shoes in my opinion. Quality is better than H&M and Zara for sure, and almost as good as Everlane.


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