Beyond Birks: Chaco

chaco classic 2

I have a lot of foot issues.  One of them are fallen arches that cause my calves to cry by the end of each day.  A few years ago, I discovered Birkenstocks and they made a huge difference.  I still wear the same pair everyday.  Over time however, I noticed that my foot broke into the soles of my Birkenstocks and the arch support just isn’t as strong as it used to be.  I realized that my Birks weren’t going to cut it for an upcoming trip to Asia where I’ll be doing a lot of walking / hiking through hot wet jungle.  Then I found Chaco, a shoe brand known for amazing durability and arch support.  Their shoes are made in the USA and were originally designed for white water rafting.  They are meant to be highly stabilizing and can transition well from dry to wet environments.  The straps are one continuous nylon band that can be adjusted to your unique foot shape.  You can customize your own on their website too.  I went for the black on black design, of course.  These shoes are the most supportive shoe I’ve ever worn!  They run large so size down at least 1/2 size.  I sized down 1 whole size and it was fine.  They are much more supportive than their competitors like the trendy Teva universal sandals that are gonna be everywhere this year.  Chacos are definitely not pretty, but I find that in all black, they look chic enough.  I would recommend investing in Chaco only if you’re looking for a rugged hard working sandal for the outdoors, water sports, or for traveling to warm-hot climates and especially if you have any foot issues like myself.  What are your most comfortable shoes?

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