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I have this curious fascination with looking into people’s closets.  LA based photographer Jeana Sohn does just that in a series of posts at closet visit where she takes you through wardrobes of local creative women.  My closet is much less interesting than what you’ll find there.  But still, I feel pretty happy with what I got, and thought it would be fun to take you on a little closet tour of my own.  Here we go:

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 8.32.26 PM

All the clothes I’m actively wearing are located in one wardrobe up on hangers.  I got these Ikea wardrobes second hand from someone on craigslist for a really good deal.  All my winter and special occasion clothes are tucked away in the drawers shown above.  I was on the look out for hangers that were cheap and durable, and found these great sturdy white wire hangers from amazon.

closet 3All my dresses and tops are on the top rack and all my pants and skirts are on the bottom, naturally.  And with the extra space at the bottom right, I dump random clean clothes that I’m too lazy at the moment to hang up.  On the doors, I’ve applied stick-on plastic hooks for extra storage and to display outfits that I’m planning to wear, por ejemplo:

  1. closet 4            2. closet 5

So there you have it.  My simple little closet.  🙂

[Outfit 1:  Creatures of Comfort knit sweater, Everlane high crew tee, Madewell cotton culottes. Outfit 2: old H&M dad sweater, Trademark scallop shirt, Black Crane wide slit culottes]


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