4 Surprising Tricks to Tidying

capsule wardrobe

Deep down, I’m really (shamefully) domestic and sometimes I come up with good ideas that are my own worth sharing.  So here are some quick tips for staying tidy that you probably haven’t heard of before:

1. Re-purpose excess ceramic bowls from the kitchen to organize your drawers. Rather than donating to Goodwill, I used my extra small rice bowls from the kitchen in my drawers to organize things like bobby pins, hair bands, and make up.  You could probably use extra ceramic cups too.

2. Download a scanner app on your iPhone so you can take pictures of your documents, turn them into PDFs instantly and email them to yourself for archiving. This makes me feel better about throwing away paperwork right away.  This is my most useful purchased App.  I use TurboScanner and bought it for $3.99.  Totally worth it.

3. Hang up all the clothes you are actually going to wear in your closet right now, and put the rest away out of sight (under the bed or in your drawers). Getting dressed in the morning is much easier when you can see everything in one place.

4. Keep a sponge or brush in the bathroom to clean the tile grout while you let your conditioner marinate for 5 minutes.  Your bathroom and hair will both benefit!

If you have any unique tricks to staying tidy, please let me know below.

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