outfit: slow pants

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The blogger at StyleBee introduced me to these amazing Elizabeth Suzannwork pants” that I asked for on my birthday.  These pants are really great!  I’m so glad they fit well because the process was truly slow.  Each pair of pants are made to order by hand in the USA.  Mine took 8 weeks for them to sew up and ship.  It came with a handwritten letter and wrapped in the most beautiful marble wrapping paper I’ve ever seen.  All seams on these pants are sewn with intent to last a lifetime and the fabrics are selected to get better with age.  I love that it is high waisted enough to wear with crop tops but fitted enough to drape longer shirts over the belly area.  

These pants do convey an unconventional silhouette in that you must feel comfortable with accentuating curves and that means maybe looking larger than your actual size.  I do this all time with oversized shift dresses and boxy tomboy shirts and find this aesthetic far more interesting than the typical body con / wrap dress silhouettes that you find everywhere.  Stylish does not have to be “sexy”.  There’s an interesting debate about this topic on Gretchen’s Closet here, but anyway…  I digress.

My favorite detail on these pants is the large moon shaped side pockets! They are roomy enough to fit my pager, cell phone, pens, and a notepad — everything I need during a long work day.

[outfit:  Apiece Apart cropped sweater, Elizabeth Suzann Clyde Work Pant, Cluse watch, Kork Ease Myrna Sandals]

7 thoughts on “outfit: slow pants

  1. They look so good! I have had my eye on those pants for the last year. One of these days! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the shape of them. It is a different silhouette for sure, but I think it is beautiful!

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    1. Thank you! There might still be some promo codes floating around on the web when ever you decide to purchase.


  2. I got a size 4; usually im a 6; in regular; the waist band stretched 3 inches or so so its forgiving. It did shrink a little bit in the washer dryer so now the ankles are tighter… still looks good though.


    1. Thanks Michelle! I tried a 6, and they seemed a tad more voluminous than I liked. Just ordered a 4 for replacement. Thanks for the help.


      1. No prob Andrea, I think you’re going to love the size 4. At first it might feel a bit weird, but wear it a few times before you decide whether or not you want to keep it. It’s puffy around the thighs but that part does shrink with washing/drying.


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