seasonal objects


Here are some of my favorite objects this season:

  1. mineral salt deodorant spray: Are your pits ready for the heatwave? My regular old ‘healthy deordorant’ wasn’t cutting it so I looked into salt spray after reading a little bit about it. This stuff really works, leaves no residue or scent, and is completely non toxic. It won’t prevent sweating but will block odorous bacteria growth!
  2. rose oil:  I’m enjoying the beautiful smell of rose oil this season with beauty products like Dr. Hauschka’s Rose Day Cream, which seems to have a loyal following for good reason.  And Aesop’s A Rose by Any Other Name body cleanser simply smells amazing.
  3. peonies:  These adorable flowers are finally in season (and sold at bargain prices right now!  Usually go for $10 per stem, now sold at a 1/4 of that price ).  And I’m loving the scent of Mrs. Meyer’s Peony cleaning products.  It’s my favorite scent in their entire line of products.  A bit rosy but more soft and subtle.

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