beauty: capsule

beauty capsule

A capsule beauty kit contains only essential cosmetics.  Think of the products that you repurchase when empty; the ones you just have to squeeze into your carry-on bag when you travel.  What if you only kept these products and got rid of the rest? …  By the time I reached the big 3-0, I felt like I had a better sense of myself, and knew what products made sense for me and had done enough research to know what products were the very best.  The end result is a hard working beauty kit with holy grail standards for every item.  I’m lucky enough to no longer have many blemishes (one of the many benefits to becoming semi-old~!) and on most days go without make up entirely, so it makes sense that my beauty kit only contains 6 items.  It was definitely worth the effort to ruthlessly edit my beauty kit down to a few products, for an easy morning routine, and a look that feels authentic.

[beauty kit:  bobbi brown skin weightless powder foundation, nars duo: orgasm blush and laguna bronzer, stila liquid eyeliner, shisheido eyelash curler, sephora powder brush, burts bees lip balm, amazon vinyl money bag]

6 thoughts on “beauty: capsule

  1. Somehow I never really got into make-up and now seeing how much makeup some people have (your list is definitely WAY less than others I’ve seen) I’m actually glad that I never went too crazy into it. Even without make-up though I still need to have some face lotion, chapstick and eye drops on hand wherever I go!


      1. At the same time, though, there are some people who wear TONS of makeup so maybe they actually do use it all up!


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