gift ideas for a practical woman

calvin klein sport bra

There are some interesting articles on how to manage the holiday season in the anti – consumerist – eco – conscious blogosphere recently.  A lot seems to focus on taking time out to care for oneself and how to talk to friends and family about not giving you excess material items.  It is hard to avoid consumerism around this time of year.  No amount of eco guilt is going to end generations of warm blooded American Christmas gift giving tradition.  

Year round, we have become more selective and curtailed our spending, so now that the holidays are here, it is time to think about gifting.  We can do it more thoughtfully however.  So what to get the minimalist woman? She is above all else – practical.  She has curated her life to only include the essentials and not much else.  Her needs and wants are well defined and probably already met, so you’re not going to find many gaps to fill there (insert gratitude).  So if you’re stuck, here are a few gift ideas from my wishlist:

1. Binchotan Charcoal: Japanese activated charcoal can enhance any living space. It’s natural beauty can be displayed on a flat surface or hung elegantly by a string.  It freshens the air in any space and can also purify drinking water. A dainty ribbon around the bundle of sticks makes all the difference (so it doesn’t look like a lump of coal from Santa).  Moso bags filled with bamboo charcoal are a nice convenient alternative as well.  I put one in my closet to keep shoe smells off my clothes.

2. Classic Calvin Klein undergarments: Doesn’t matter how pared down your closet is, every girl needs more underwear. CK makes the most comfortable simple chic panties and sports bras out there. I love the classic logo at the waistline.  Go with simple whites, grays and blacks.

3. Presidential Totes: In support of her ideas, get her a canvas tote to contribute to her favorite presidential candidate. I particularly dig Bernie’s “Schleping the Progressive Agenda” canvas shopper found here.  Also love the aesthetics of this Hillary wool cap.

4.  Delicate simple jewelry by Drift Riot:  If you need to give that sparkle and shine, go with a simple minimalist design.  Low impact jewelry is the way to go and will last a lifetime.

[image credit:  Calvin Klein]

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