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minimalist laundry dr it girl

I felt inspired by the ‘Simple… Not Plain‘ blog’s post on the topic of minimalist laundry. A lazy Sunday in doing laundry while listening to your favorite podcast or simply being mindful while folding towels for example, can be a stress reducing distraction from all the noise inside and outside our heads.

But onto the topic of minimalist laundry and how to make this big chore simpler.  First, control what goes into your laundry; we simply have smaller wardrobes so there is less clothes to wash and we choose clothes that don’t require dry cleaning as much as possible, and we only wash items that are bonafide dirty (ie, smells/stains).  Second, we made a decision a while back to only buy white bath/kitchen towels and bed sheets, so that we can conveniently wash all these at once in one big hot load and use bleach when necessary.  This also cuts down on visual clutter in our bath and bedroom later on.  Third we only buy white or black socks, so we’re not always searching for the matching pair or worrying about one rogue red sock that turns the whole load pink.  Same idea goes for underwear.  For wrinkle prone fabrics, simply fold the items and stack them in a pile, gradually the pressure will eliminate the wrinkles and there will be no need to iron.  Lastly, simply accept some wrinkles, faded stains, and imperfections.  It’s okay, really!

But my best advice is to use it as a time to recharge, empty your mind, and focus on the simple labor of doing laundry.

4 thoughts on “considered living: minimalist laundry

  1. Ha, funny question, but do you have any white/black simple sock recommendations? I’ve been on the hunt, and have a real distaste for chunky, traditionally cut toe socks, that are way too bulky for any of my typical needs. I’m also not a bag fan of synthetic fibers, and that’s all I seem to find…chunky OR slinky nylon socks. Eek!


      1. Yay! I haven’t ventured to try their clothing line yet. I’ll definitely give their socks a try when I need to re-stock on basics. Thanks for the suggestion ^_^


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