good reads: on the decluttering message and old cars.

pauline chardin beirut car

This edition of good read is a bit random.

After tasting the freedom of riding in a friend’s vintage car this summer, I’ve been thinking about buying a car myself; why not live it up during my final years here in NYC?  These photographs of old cars on the streets of Beirut got me thinking.  They are taken by Pauline Chardin (travel blogger who runs the Voyageur) and was featured on the NeedSupply blog.  I love the sun-scorched urban landscapes she captures; feels like a a surreal 80s apocalypse, the scenes are cinematic, but the reality of the state is much more dire.  Still these junky cars are appealing for my minimal needs.

You also have to check out a great post that will get your head nodding by the minimalist woman on the decluttering message and how it went from “topic du jour into perennial concern.”

[image credit:  Pauline Chardin]

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