outfit: upholstery-inspired

zara jacquard tunic asian dress

There are some new developments in fashion that take me back to my summer in the Himalayas.

jacquard asian dress

While in Northern India a few years ago, my usual fashion sensibilities went out the window. It didn’t take more than a few days in American garb to make me feel painfully plain, out of place, and worst of all un-feminine. Soon after my arrival I sought out a local seamstress who whipped me up a custom fitted Punjabi suit (basically a tunic over baggy pants), in a yellow and hot pink decadent fabric. It was glorious.

jacquard zara dress back

The suit was a bit too loud back in the US, but eastern clothing still has its draw on me; there is a soul in them; the rich textiles and jeweled opulence can make one feel like a walking goddess on earth. There’s a vogue article about how several major labels are using rich jeweled upholstery inspired textiles in modern ways suited for urban girls of the west. Here’s a super affordable outfit I put together from Zara that I just love.  It feels like there’s a history to it while still feeling modern.

jacquard zara dress outfit

You can’t not feel great in an outfit like this.  This will be perfect for an upcoming traditional Chinese wedding that I’ll be attending.


Each piece can also be worn separately with basic solids for more everyday occasions.

IMG_2557[outfit:  zara jacquard tunic dress, zara trousers, kork ease myrna sandals, APC half moon bag, Essie tortoise & caicos nailcolor, H&M embroidered top]

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