wardrobe: the space between

ikea hangers(No, I’m not talking about that Dave Matthew’s song)

One thing I’m loving right now is the space between my hangers.

It was hard to believe that I actually had one of those magazine wardrobes where there’s an inch or two of space between each hanger, but after weeding out all the clothes I don’t wear, it happened.  It was achievable with just a 4 foot wide closet, two parallel rods, and 50 garments on wire hangers, which isn’t too extreme in my book.  The space between let’s us view all our clothes at once, and makes getting ready noticeably less stressful.  This makes something we spend time doing every day just a little bit easier.  If we add it all up, we’re talking about much less total stress in our lives.

[image credit: ikea hangers]

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