beauty: invisible mineral sunscreen

john masters suncare mineral sunscreen

I’ve been on the search for a good mineral sunscreen that goes on clear and finally found John Masters Suncare SPF 30 mineral sunscreen.  The white cast is minimal, and would be invisible on fair to tan skin tones but would leave a white cast on dark skin.  The ingredient list is impressive with aloe vera as the second ingredient, green tea extract, no parabens.  It leaves a dewy residue to the skin which could be matte-ified with just a bit of powder.  Goes under make up nicely.  No smell, no clumps, no pilling, comes in a cute brown glass bottle with a pump for easy mess-free dispensing. It’s a little expensive at $32 but I think the quality is well worth the price.  This picture shows what my skin looks like with the sunscreen on, you’ll notice a slight sheen on the right side of my arm where I’ve rubbed in the sunscreen.

john masters organics mineral sunscreen

I highly recommend this sunscreen for anyone who wants to avoid the potential hazards of chemical sunscreen.

4 thoughts on “beauty: invisible mineral sunscreen

      1. I know that my skin didn’t have any reaction to this but I also generally don’t get reactions to most products. John Masters uses very safe ingredients but you may still find that you can get an allergy. I would say most likely it will be fine but before you make the investment you might want to spot test it at Whole Foods Market. I’ve used this now for a few weeks and it has been my favorite face sunblock so far, with some powder over top.


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