wardrobe radar: crossover slider

johnston and murphy sonya sandal close up

Crossover sliders are just as ubiquitous as arizona Birkenstocks these days.  I’ve been eyeing them for quite a while but haven’t been able to find the right ones for my foot type (long and narrow).  But alas, today I stumbled across this version by Johnston & Murphy.  The stock photos were not immediately appealing to me; first I felt these shoes were kind of ugly, but I fell in love with them after I saw how JetsetJustine styled them with modern casual pieces in this photo:

johnston and murphy sonya sandal

She looks great!  Crossovers can really look so chic if worn the right way (just like Birks).  I love how the Johnston & Murphy sandals have total leather coverage, with subtle raised edges, how the leather straps actually cross into each other through a slit (much like the Kork Ease that I’ve been wearing a lot), and love the off white stitching that gives it a sort of chic bohemian aesthetic.  The Zappos video review of these shoes seems to indicate that the sole is pretty substantial, a 1 inch thick super flexible rubber– a feature that I’m really drooling over because in New York, we walk!  I’ve been seeing a lot of cheap knock off Birkenstocks all over the place and I have to wonder why people would settle for subpar comfort just to get the ugly normcore aesthetic of a sandal that is by design supposed to prioritize comfort at the expense of style.  So likewise, a crossover slider should be first and foremost comfortable.  Still going to mull over whether or not to invest in this a bit more… debating if it’s worthy of a place in my essentials wardrobe.  (sale psa:  you can get them for almost half off at the manufacturer’s website).

[image credit: jetsetjustine]

update:  I ultimately did not buy this sandal.  Although I love the design and functionality of it, I felt that it was already too similar to my birkenstocks and my kork ease that you see me wearing in my outfit posts all the time.  So in order to reduce redundancy in my wardrobe and reduce wasteful spending, I am reframing.  But once my current shoes wear out, I will definitely reconsider it.

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