outfit: brown nostalgia

military jacket corduroy skirt apc half moon bag

Because it’s hot, humid, windy and cold all at the same time in June…  getting nostalgic by breaking out this old school American Eagle corduroy skirt from sophomore year high school, cuz why not- still looks good!  What is the oldest piece in your closet?

military jacket corduroy skirt apc half moon bag kork ease

[outfit: Jersey military jacket souvenir from China, H&M basics black tank, American Eagle brown corduroy mini skirt circa 1999, Kork Ease myrna classic wedge sandal, APC half moon bag]

3 thoughts on “outfit: brown nostalgia

  1. Hi! I’m thinking of buying the APC half moon bag but want to know how it will hang on my body. How tall are you for reference?

    Thanks! 🙂


    1. I’m 5’5″, but don’t worry about the strap length, it’s adjustable! There’s a belt like buckle with holes along the strap. I like wearing it at the shortest length. I love this bag and don’t regret splurging on it! I recommend the black!


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