considered living: good read

good readsFor me, the hardest part about decluttering was letting go of gifts and sentimental objects that I  know I don’t need/want.  It’s easier with little objects but harder when a gift is large (and more obvious when it’s no longer in your home).  The struggle is an emotional one.  What will they think?  That I’m ungrateful, that I don’t care, that I’m a callous bad person? But don’t they say it’s the thought that counts?  After the moment you’ve shared your genuine appreciation, shouldn’t you be free to do what you want with the gift?  I felt conflicted, so I searched the internet to see if anyone else has ever wondered about this and found a great essay “on getting rid of gifts” from the guys at the Becoming Minimalist blog. Their conclusion was that most people would not notice or care and one should go ahead and let go.  And so I did, and instead of guilt, I found relief.

(relief:  your mind’s way of letting you know you did the right thing)

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