outfit: simple safari v2.0

safari outfit 2

Last weekend, I spent a lot of time outdoors in this outfit.  It’s version 2 of my ‘safari’ outfit (the original you can see here).  The tribal pattern in this French Connection shirt is sort of fun (it has a fancy gold zipper on the back).  Also want to mention that it’s been a couple weeks since I received these classic wedge sandals from kork ease and I’ve been so happy with this purchase.  After standing/walking in them all day for 3 days at a recent music festival, I can truly attest to their comfort.  If my Birks are a 10 in comfort level, this is an 8, and probably tennis shoes would fall somewhere in between.  I wonder if Kork Ease realizes that APC has essentially ripped off their original design? …hm.  This APC half moon bag was perfectly made for a safari too, it was  actually designed to accommodate the width of a Poland Spring water bottle which is really paying off in this summer heat!

[oufit: French Connection print top, Zara utility shorts, Kork Ease Myrna sandals, APC half moon bag, Madewell oversize hepcat sunglasses]

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