outfit: grey & lavender

lavender outfit


I almost threw this entire outfit in the donation pile, but just couldn’t let myself.  When I bought this pale lavender jacket a few years ago, I was enamored by its slouchy tomboy shape, but I rarely wore it.  Sometimes I love something because it is so special but don’t wear it because it is too ‘out there’.  Isn’t that silly?

lavender jacket

I should be more brave.  Now that the weather is warming up, I’m giving myself one more chance to put this on rotation or else it gets dumped during my next round of triage.  It looks nice with this silky charcoal gray cargo skirt that has a zipper over the entire length of the front.  It would actually look a lot better if I wasn’t so lazy and ironed out the wrinkles, ha.  But my point is:  pale lavender & gray are so elegant together.

outfit:  american apparel ottoman ribbed jacket (similar), topshop skirt, zara leather ballerina flat

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