outfit: army green is a neutral


Every year since 2010, army green jackets and parkas has been on trend during the cooler days of spring and fall here in New York.  Military style is utilitarian, urban, cool, and I’m a fan.  In this outfit, I’m wearing 3 different shades of army green.  Yes, it is green on green on green, but it works because did you know army green is a neutral color?  

army green jacket

Or maybe we just perceive it that way because it is the natural color of our surroundings back when we were apes, cavemen, hunter gatherers and such.  Most army green jackets come in a cotton – canvas type of fabric, but this one is a thick soft cozy cotton jersey material that my sister picked up for me while she was in China years ago.

army green outfit

outfit:  army green jacket souvenir from China, vintage knit sweater, zara shorts, vince camuto gold sandals, transport tote from Madewell

2 thoughts on “outfit: army green is a neutral

  1. Yes! I have recently been a fan of army green, including army green camo print. I agree, it’s a great neutral to have, and is the perfect way to add some “color” to a minimalist wardrobe.

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