beauty: minimalist holy grail hair routine

living proof night cap

Miracles can come in a bottle!  This new product from Living Proof, called ‘Night Cap’, has both simplified my hair routine down to one product and eliminated the need to blow dry or use a straightening iron.  I literally just wash my hair every 2-3 days, towel dry, and comb a few pumps of night cap into my hair, twirl pieces of it, or just twist it into a bun if your hair is long enough.  Then just fall asleep!  The next morning your hair is shinier, frizz free, full of body, with natural looking beachy waves!  

There is no residue.  It’s virtually invisible!  No scent either!  The OFPMA ingredient in this line is the secret weapon here. In the picture above I’ve pumped out exactly one pump of the product so you can see that it is a thin white fluid that disappears into the hair.  The instructions say to use 2-3 pumps, but I’d recommend using at least 4-5 if your hair is thick or long. This product is perfect for any woman who has problems with hair that is frizzy, wild, and in need of taming.  I have naturally thick coarse wild hair and now my hair is (still) thick, but smooth and full of body with lovely bohemian beachy waves without much effort at all!  Throwing out the straightening iron is truly liberating!  For those with curly hair, this product will define and soften your curls, but it will not eliminate them (nothing will, short of chemical straightening).  Check out the first half of this tutorial if you want to see it in action.

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