wardrobe: spring uniform

fashion incognito.
Spring is (supposed to be) here in New York City.  I’ve been seeing all these lovely blog posts and advertisements with flower prints, perforated tees, tiny military shorts.  Yes, cute, but let’s get realistic, it is still freezing out there people!  I did drop off my goose down winter coat at the dry cleaners today, so that’s progress. To celebrate, I thought I’d share my new (less heavy) uniform for the Spring season.  Please excuse the lighting issues, I had to lower the contrast so that it wasn’t just a sea of black.  Outfit: Office Comet Lace Boot, American Apparel winter leggings, Madewell short sleeve sweater, Zara coat, and APC half moon bag.  These new boots from Office (available at TopShop in some cities) are amazingly comfortable.  The heels are actually made out of soft rubber but has the appearance of wood, so I can see myself walking in these all day.

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