beauty: bath basics

considered living.
I was organizing my bath products so that only the items I use most often were on the top shelf of my shower caddy, making them more convenient to reach.  Then I noticed that all these products had sort of a Times New Roman font on them, thought oh how cute and felt compelled to take a pic.  This is a great way to display the bath products that I love and talk a bit about why each are so great.

The Neutrogena anti-residue shampoo looks just like what it does to your hair.  It clarifies it.  It has SLS in it so that means it is like a detergent and not very gentle on your hair, but it will get your hair squeaky clean.  So it is good occasionally when you’ve used a lot of product over the past couple days and want to start fresh and add more volume to your hair.

The Living Proof restore mask has become my forever conditioner.  It’s technology has done wonders for the cuticle of my hair.  Its patented ingredient “OFPMA” was originally developed in a lab to be used on the surfaces of implanted medical devices.  It made sense that a material that is supposed to be safe for implanting in a human body and creates a shiny sleek surface would make hair look and feel great.  It is expensive, so I only splurge on the products that have the highest concentration of OFPMA which is the restore mask and the hair serum.  Oh yeah, and Jennifer Aniston is the product line’s spokesperson, haha.  Remember the ‘Rachel haircut’ fad?

John Masters Organics zinc & sage shampoo will literally intoxicate your senses, it’s so luxurious.  It is marketed for people with irritated scalps but is by no means a ‘medicated’ shampoo.  The first ingredient is Aloe Vera, which gives the shampoo a sort of gel-creamy texture.  Aloe has many natural healing properties.  It has been shown to aid wound healing and reduce the amount of scar tissue formed.  But the best part is the cozy smell!  …somewhere between herbal and dessert, hard to explain.  You just have to walk to your nearest Whole Foods and smell it yourself.

Philosophy’s body wash.  This was a gift.  Philosophy’s soaps feel silky and gentle.  They don’t strip your skin or leave deposits like a lot of the drug store brands.  Great for low maintenance areas of your body like legs and arms.  I save the Trader Joe’s french triple milled bar soaps for the more heavy duty cleaning jobs, underarms, feet, neck, you get the point.  Triple milled bar soaps can be found at really inexpensive prices and are long lasting. They are more pure than other bar soaps and create a smooth rich lather.  Skin is left clean and hydrated even when you don’t use lotion.

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