Recipe: Creamy White Beans and Leeks

white bean and leeks

This recipe is my go to side dish for plain steaks or baked chicken. It has loads of protein, fiber, and almost zero fat except for the good kind in extra virgin olive oil.  I’ve made this about 5 times now and here is my final edit:

What you’ll need:  1 can butter beans or white kidney beans washed and drained, 2 leeks chopped roughly (dark green parts removed), 4-5 garlic cloves roughly minced, 1/2 cup or so white cooking wine, few splashes of water (or chicken broth), fresh thyme leaves (about 4-5 sprigs), 3 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, freshly ground pepper, splash of half and half.

white beans and leeks

I like to use a dutch oven, but you can use a deep frying pan.  Saute the leeks, garlic, and thyme leaves in EVOO for about 10 minutes until they become soft. Then add the white wine, beans, and a couple splashes of water (or chicken broth if you have some on hand, or just mix in a couple pinches bouillon with the water).  Turn the heat to low and allow the beans to simmer and white wine evaporate off.


You want the end result to be semi fluid with a creamy consistency.  About 10 more minutes.  Then turn off heat and pour in a splash of half and half (preferred).  You could use a spoon of non fat yogurt instead but do it after it has cooled to prevent curdling.  Season with sea salt and pepper to taste.


Serve on a plate and top with the meat of your choice.  Would also go great topped with roasted broccolli and cauliflower.

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