Apartment: All White Bedrooms

white bedroom1


New project:  All white bedroom!

Loving the all white look and planning to finally tackle the bedroom decor.  Want something serene, relaxing, and clean, especially because the layout of my apt is such that guests need to walk through the bedroom to get to the bathroom, having a low impact space that sort of blends in would be better.  Best part is that with all white sheets, you can bleach everything in one load with towels to get them ultra clean.  I also desperately want to change my bedframe, an outdated mahogany monstrosity that is way too high impact in the room.  So plan to sand it down, prime, and give it a lovely creamy ceramic finish.

To do list:

1) paint bed frame cream

2) paint ladder bookshelf pale gray

2) white bedside table

3) large off white vase like lamp

4) white ribba ikea frames with monochromatic photos

Will update with before and after pictures later when done, but here are some more inspiration photos:

white bedroom 2


white bedroom 3


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