outfit: top layers

outfit: Mijeong Park neck warmer | Elizabeth Suzann boat neck top | Madewell jeans

Hey guys! It feels like forever since I last posted, but I think that’s only because so much has happened in the past few weeks. Like everyone else, I was disgusted by what happened at the Capitol on Jan 6th, but not entirely surprised by it. It was Trump’s destructive narcissism on full display. We are living in dark times for sure.

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a wardrobe rarity

outfit: muji cotton crew and knit blanket skirt (old) | ABEO Gabi sandals

I don’t usually wear skirts anymore, but today, the chilly weather inspired me to resurrect this knit skirt, that I’m calling a “blanket skirt”, out from the back of my closet. Instead of curling up in my throw blanket, I decided to wear one. It kind of reminds me of something Lauren Manoogian would make, but like way less cool, and less $$$.

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come back.

Ilwoul 3-D face masks

Well, needless to say, a lot has happened since I’ve been gone. I’m so grateful that you are still here! I took a longer than expected hiatus from posting. But not to worry guys, I’m safe and doing well, physically and emotionally. But the world, particularly this country, has sort of turned upside down hasn’t it? I don’t need to spell it out though. You already know. Sometimes it doesn’t even feel real.

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Letters from the trenches

Dear Readers,

Thank God I am still healthy. I’m still going into the hospital, doing my small part in the Corona War. It’s been mostly preparations so far but we are beginning to see COVID + patients. It’s not well known, but many COVID+ patients become delirious and are highly agitated. They don’t comply with wearing masks and try to escape from the hospital, creating a high risk situation for staff and the public. The inflammation can cause infected patients to become delirious. There’s also growing evidence that the virus infects the central nervous system. I’ve been working on preparations related to behavioral problems in COVID+ delirious patients and how to manage psychiatric patients with COVID19 more generally. The doctors are extremely stressed out and traumatized as well. We’re organizing volunteers from mental health to provide support and medication management for the doctors. It’s all happening at lightning speed. This “war” is taking everything I’ve got. We are putting in 12-16 hour shifts, working at least 6 days per week, and this is just the beginning. I’ll need to take at least two months off from posting. As for my outfits: I’m wearing a black T shirt, black khakis, and black danskos every day. I wash them in hot water when I get home, and repeat the next day. Hair in a top knot. It’s all very utilitarian. But anyway, I hope you are all well and safe. Please do your part and adhere to the rules of social distancing. Hope to hear from you all when I get back. Bye!

<3, Michelle

outfit: stripes of a different color (+ a recipe)

>>> outfit: vince stripe cotton top (on loan) | vince jeans | madewell reid flats

How many striped shirts do you have? I own 5.  It’s probably too much but I convince myself each one is special in it’s own way. These ochre stripes are a bit of a departure from my usual black and navy, but I like it. I’m becoming a fan of long sleeved t shirts that are just slightly fitted but still drape a little.

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outfit: chit chat

sezane top | apc shorts | marc fisher chang loafers | lo and sons pearl bag

Let’s just pretend like I haven’t been MIA around here and dive right back into outfit-talk. I’ve been painfully uninspired and boring lately, repeating the same cropped trouser and light knit sweater combo, day in and day out. A couple times last week, excited about the new Whitney album, a sudden surge of spontaneity went through me while getting dressed. I decided to snap a photo to celebrate the moment.

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plant revival

I spent Saturday cleaning up the patio and balcony, vacuuming up all the dust, debris, leaves, and dead critters lying about. My potted herb garden was looking pretty sad. I decided finally to just give up on it for something new. The dying parsley and chives were replaced with a couple new shrubby plants, seen in this photo. I used a spray bottle to clean off the dust on my pearl ivy plant and moved it into the shade after noticing the leaves looked a bit burnt from being in direct sunlight. I bought this little wooden bench to display the plants that require full sun in this sunny corner of the balcony. They look much happier being off the ground.

And magically, the mammy croton plant (in the orange planter) is coming back to life. It had lost all of its leaves due to over watering. After moving it outside, letting the soil dry out, watering sparingly and waiting for 6 months, suddenly many tiny leaves sprouted all along the length of the two bare stems. I wasn’t sure if it would ever come back to be honest, but held out and I’m glad I did because the curly finger shaped leaves are so unique and pretty. Here’s an example of what the leaves will look like up close when fully grown.

I’m going to be posting less often probably for the remainder of this fall until my subspecialty board exams are done. A lot of changes are happening at work too. New hires are starting and although that should theoretically lighten the work load for me, it will require me to adjust to delegating and supervising, all things I’m not used to. This year has been full of so many life changes and challenges. I have a feeling though that life will begin to settle back down come winter and I’ll be able to post more outfits again for those who care. I’ll try to stay positive until then.