closet mindfulness

When my closet is in order, I am in order.
 My favorite place at home is my closet room.  I’m grateful to have an entire room dedicated to my wardrobe and dedicated to myself.  I don’t have a dining room.  I don’t have an office or a desk, but I have my closet room.  It’s a quiet place where I can get ready in peace.  What happens in my closet sets the mood for the entire day.  As such, I’m careful about what enters and ruthless about what should go.  With age, getting dressed feels easier.  I’m left with more energy to start my day and do better at work.   Continue reading →

wardrobe: the simplest bra


I hate bras.  Don’t you?  But for some of us, support is necessary.  And saggage happens more quickly than you think.  Coopers ligaments lose their elasticity pretty quickly without a bra.  Anyway…

I’ve been a big fan of bralettes lately.  I think bralettes have gained in popularity because women don’t want to be bothered anymore with the fuss of underwire and padding.  We just want to be comfortable.  I’ve been through a few bralettes and my favorite so far  is also the simplest:   the pansy bralette. Continue reading →

outfit: for the cold intolerant


(Two posts in one day!  I actually wrote this last week on the subway, but forgot to post it.)

Lately, I’ve been wearing jeans more often to appear less of a slobby homebody.  This has been my go to outfit this winter.   Continue reading →

wardrobe: my favorite thing in 2016


It’s new year’s eve and 2016 is almost over. I’m reflecting on the changes to my wardrobe this year. I removed a lot of unnecessary stuff out and filled in some necessary gaps with quality pieces that have for the most part worked out well with a few exceptions.

Out of all my wardrobe additions this year, my favorite one has been the SleepPhones by Sheep Acoustics.

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outfit: workday (+ Everlane ponte pant review)

everlane-ponte-pants  ponte-pants-back

In a previous post, I talked about my disappointment with Everlane’s Ponte Pants.  Here’s my proper review of them.  Let’s start with the good.  They do feel comfortable and strike a nice balance between leggings and trousers.  With a tunic or dress, it’s modest enough for work.  And it’s long and conforming enough to keep you warm in the winter.  In theory, these were the perfect pants.   Continue reading →

wardrobe planning for 2017


With all the efforts that I’ve put into revamping my wardrobe, getting dressed still feels frustrating. I just got done with another round of editing and put a few things into retirement:  Continue reading →

a book recommendation for those who’ve already KonMaried their homes.

IMG_3965.jpgLast Christmas, I read Marie Kondo‘s book cover to cover on a 5 hour plane ride.  Since then, I’ve been struck by how her message really took off.  Comedian Ali Wong mentioned it in her hilarious Netflix special Baby Cobra, and then named her daughter Mari!  And even Emily Gilmore KonMaried her house in the recent Gilmore Girls revival special (also on Netflix).  Amazing!  Why did it take off?  Because it teaches us the power of “no” again? Did it reawaken something in us, without making us think about heavy emotional issues? Does the question “does this spark joy?” bring us back to our natural assertive state?   Continue reading →

my shop is now open


I’m happy to announce that finally my charitable secondhand shop is open (<–see sidebar!).  I decided to give all the shop’s proceeds to Safe Horizon, an agency that helps victims of domestic violence (mostly women and children). A few of my patients have been helped greatly by this agency already, so I wanted to give back.  Anyway, go check it out.  I started off by selling a few of my beloved shoes, and will add more things in the future.

update:  to simplify the buying process, I posted all the eBay links for each item.

image:  rachel comey mars booties (for sale!)

my approach to gift giving a little more consciously


Like a lot of people, I’ve been busy putting together Christmas gifts this week.  I tried to be conscious about the burden of giving people more physical things.  I also wanted to be less wasteful and reduce my impact on the environment.  Here are some of my approaches to gift giving a little more consciously this year: Continue reading →

outfit: winter puffer


I was in need of a warmer winter coat and nabbed this puffer by Everlane before they sold out.  I had to replace my old Zara puffer that I had for 4 years after it caught a feather spitting hole.  It was also never warm enough on windy days anyway.  The design of this new puffer is well thought out.    Continue reading →

good cause: everlane donates helmets to Vietnamese factory workers on black friday

fullsizerender-1I wasn’t going to post anything during my vacation here in Vietnam, but I couldn’t help myself when I found out Everlane has decided to donate thousands of helmets to Vietnamese factory workers on black friday.  I was so struck by how chaotic traffic is here in Hanoi and how many motorcyclists dangerously go without helmets completely or with inadequate helmets.  I took the above picture of a mother and her child during my taxi ride into Old Town Hanoi. The Vietnamese people have suffered a great deal over the last several decades and continue to struggle, especially with the worsening environmental impacts of manufacturing the clothes on our backs.  It’s suiting we find ways to give back.  I was already planning on purchasing Christmas gifts from Everlane, but I am now more encouraged to do so.  I’ve been thinking of re-purchasing their texture tank to replace my  worn down one that I bought a while back too.  I highly recommend it if you’re in need of a basic tank that is a bit elevated and flattering to any body type.