outfit: front tuck – back tuck (+ a tour of the den)

ATM sweatshirt | TRADEMARK jeans | Vince Sandals

The weather was beautiful today. It was warm and sunny this morning. In the early afternoon, it rained lightly for a few minutes while the sun was still out. I picked up some flowers for mother’s day, ran some errands, and was delightfully surprised to see a couple friends who came over for a quick hello. I’m feeling grateful for this very normal-nice day. That’s exactly what I needed after an extremely abnormal and intense work week. I haven’t yet taken my transcendental meditation class yet, but I feel like I need it more than ever and hope it helps because life is not getting any easier.

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outfit: 3D

Ministry of Supply 3D printed sweater (size large) | pre-owned Madewell straight chinos | DV espadrille sandals

Update: I’m going to return the shoes in the previous post. They are beautiful and look cool, but they were difficult to slip on without unbuckling and buckling, and the soles were a bit heavy. I try to avoid returning things and never buy things with the intention of returning, but sometimes you have to. Oh well. The search goes on.

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outfit: my never fail outfit formula; I’m not a plant person, and what clothes say about you.

Black Crane linen top | Elizabeth Suzann linen Tilda pants | Lo and Son’s pearl bag | Everlane form sandals

When the weather permits, wearing top to bottom linen is a never fail outfit formula for me. It had been cardigan weather for the past few weeks, but today warmed up to 75 and I felt fine going out with short sleeves. I don’t take it for granted anymore. In NYC I’d still be miserably wearing my puffy coat right now!

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outfit: queer eye, my 90 year old patient, and the plastic problem.

Eileen Fisher alpaca mix cardigan | Farrow ribbed top | TradeMark jeans (diy cut hem) | Dolce Vita sandals

With all the awful things going on in the world lately, I was yearning for a bit of an escape this weekend, and did so by binge watching new Queer Eye. Does anyone else cry during practically every episode? I think this season is even better than the first. Jonathan is still my favorite of course, but Tan is a close second.

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outfit: comeback pants (+ my bedroom tour!)

old Madewell cotton slub tee | Vince corduroy culottes | Nike foam sandals

If these pants look familiar to you, you are not going crazy. I snapped a photo of them during a try on at Nordstrom’s last year when I didn’t end up buying them. At the time, I was trying to prioritize other types of clothes. I recall really loving them though, and was a little sad about walking away. They actually came back to mind a few times since then.

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outfits: cuffed

APC coat | Vince sleeveless turtleneck | Levi’s 501 ct | pre-owned Vince blair slip ons

Hello dear readers! Although I would like to, I haven’t been able to keep up with posting during the week. Thank you for sticking with me! I’ve never adhered to a strict schedule with this blog, but I think that for now, I’ll slow down a bit and post about once per week, mostly on Sundays because that seems to be the day when I usually feel productive and consistently have free time.

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