outfit: 1 shirt, 3 pants

ootd 1-17-18 2018-01-17 at 9.43.28 PMootd 1-17-18 2018-01-17 at 9.44.02 PMootd 1-17-18 2018-01-17 at 9.45.40 PM

My PM order, with the Lauren Manoogian ribbed tee and Black Crane cream corduroy carpenter pants, was waiting for me at the doorstep when I got home from work today.  Here I am playing a little dress up in my bedroom, wearing the ribbed tee with 3 different navy pants.   There was a big ribbed tee hole in my wardrobe until now.  I thought I hated ribbed tees because they always seemed to accentuate my problem belly area, but when I discovered the Une Heures ribbed tees, that 70’s tomboy nostalgia took a hold of me and I had to have one!  I window shopped a lot for a good ribbed tee. There are a lot of versions out there, but the perfect one was hard to find; there was always a little detail or embellishment that ruined them, ie. the space between ribs was too wide or the fit was too clingy.

This LM tee is perfectly subtle.  The cotton-cashmere blend is extremely tender and soft, and can be stretched carefully to customize the fit to  your body.  It’s thin but not transparent and drapes nicely over bumps on my torso.  The ribbing is as thin as it gets so there’s no unsightly uneven gaping of the ribbing over more flabby areas.  I also really love how the edges are semi raw so there’s a delicate wave at the sleeve and shirt bottom, but you really have to look up close to notice such a thing.  The neck band is thin and sewn beautifully inside and out.  As much as I love it though, I’m not sure I’d be willing to pay full price for it and feel very lucky to have found it secondhand.

In other news, I have a mild case of the flu.  There’s a nasty flu outbreak nationwide.  NYC is especially hard hit and it’s peaked this week.  Last week the BF was sick for 7 days straight.  He had all the symptoms including: nasal congestion, sore throat, headache, fatigue, fever and chills, and even had a weird sounding barking cough. It took about 5 days after he started coughing to when I started showing symptoms.  Because I got the flu vaccine and he didn’t, my symptoms are much less severe.  For now it’s just a lot of nasal congestion and fatigue.  On the first day of my symptoms I had to take 3 breaks during a 30 minute Barre3 work out because I became short of breath and felt lightheaded.  It’s kind of crazy how the flu was able to quickly and dramatically lower my exercise tolerance.  For the rest of the week, I’m going to take a break from working out. My first B&BW 3-wick scented candle shipment arrived today too, but my nose is so congested, I can’t smell anything!

[outfit:  *lauren manoogian cotton cashmere rib tee in size 2; *trademark straight jeans (self cut raw edge); black crane navy carpenter pants, lemaire twist pants, SAS relax sandals, arizona birkenstocks; *=pre-owned]

outfit: pastels (+ my google arts&culture doppelganger)

OOTD 1 16 18 elizabeth suzann tilda pants

Here’s a quick OOTD photo of me in pastel linens; something I can only wear indoors right now because of the extreme cold.  I’m dressed for my future fantasy life in sunny California.  I looked up the definition of pastels, and wikipedia described it as a group of colors that are “milky”, “desaturated”, “washed out”, and “near neutral”.  Something about pastels have always felt nostalgic to me.  Not all pastels are created equal though.  I prefer the extremely washed out, near white kind.  This is as far as I’ll go to adding non-neutral colors into my wardrobe.

Have you all looked up your fine art doppelganger on the google arts and culture app yet?  I’m not on instagram or any other social media so I generally have no clue, but NPR says it’s gone viral.  Anyway, most of you have never seen my face but google seems to think I look like this child, lol.  The eyebrows are on point.


[outfit:  *eileen fisher linen top, elizabeth suzann tilda midweight linen pants, very old american apparel corduroy jacket, SAS relaxed sandals, baggu crossbody]

MLK day special: OOTD + apartment tour part 3 + Freddy’s DNA ancestry test results!

ootd home tour 2018-01-15 at 12.55.38 PM

Happy MLK day everyone!  I spent my day off doing what I love to do most:  stay at home.  I walked the dog, picked up some groceries, cooked, and finished up Fire and Fury, snapped some OOTD photos, and snuck in some pics of the BF’s home office space.

ootd home tour 2018-01-15 at 1.29.18 PM

I’ve been wearing these carpenter pants a lot lately and today wore them a little lower on my waist than usual.  I wore these out with leggings underneath and then on its own when I was at home.  I even mopped the floors with these pants on.  I wanted to experiment with wearing a baggy top with it and took out my 7 year old uniqlo knit oversized top and layered it over this tank top.

ootd home tour 2018-01-15 at 1.29.27 PMootd home tour 2018-01-15 at 1.29.42 PM

So much drape.  I love it.  Then I got all fancy and took out my old AA corduroy jacket and layered that on top, which made the whole silhouette even baggy-er.

ootd home tour 2018-01-15 at 1.29.50 PM

ootd home tour 2018-01-15 at 1.30.02 PM

Now moving on to part 3 of the apartment tour.  The BF occupies the room adjacent to the living room.  He has a lot of electronics and musical equipment which has been challenging to work around in our small apartment.  Historically the room has been an irritating mess with cords and knick knacks all over the place, but finally after almost 6 years of living here we decided to invest in some cabinets and soft baskets to contain everything.  The BF has been tinkering around with his setup and I think he did a nice job of making his very complex setup look very neat and clean.

ootd home tour 2018-01-15 at 1.28.20 PM.png

Here’s the view of the space from the living room.  We moved the carpet into the office space because I prefer to use a bare floor for Barre3 work outs in the living room.  Plus Freddy loves to play with his dolls while lounging on the rug next to the BF  while he is on the computer.

ootd home tour 2018-01-15 at 1.28.01 PM.png

The BF bought this standing desk from Ikea.  He got the cabinet from Ikea too.  I advised him to stick with all white to make his space look more streamlined.  The desk has a lever that allows you to crank the height up and down. Underneath the carpet, there is an orthopedic mat that makes it more comfortable to stand.  He beefed up the desk by adding a keyboard tray and attached a monitor stand that allows him to rotate the screen vertically.  He also added some plastic hooks to store things like his headphones on the side of the cabinet.  He’s got a microphone and a sound machine hooked up to his computer as well.  Everything connects to the TV in the living room and the Korg piano across the room.

ootd home tour 2018-01-15 at 1.28.11 PM

This thing has weighted keys and can play hundreds of different instruments.  He also has an electric and acoustic guitar, but those are stored under our bed for now.  The rest of what you see here is a basket of toys for Freddy, a wall basket that stores my TI-83 calculator from high school and some mail.  And an ottoman that we use to store millions of extra cords, with our xbox rock band guitars.  We are in our 30’s but we still play like children.  When we’re in our 80’s we’ll probably still be playing video games.


And now for the grand finale!  My dog Freddy’s DNA ancestry test results came back.  We were eagerly awaiting the results for about 3 weeks now.  I gifted the DNA test kit to the BF for Christmas.  When we adopted Freddy, the shelter told us he was half border collie and half australian cattle dog.  He looks like an australian cattle dog except a little taller and thinner.  He has a really kind and gentle temperament.  He’s able to communicate like a human and learns very quickly. We always felt very lucky to have him.  And we always attributed this good qualities to his border collie roots, but it turns out he’s not border collie at all!

He’s 25% Australian cattle dog, 12.5% Staffordshire terrier, 12.5% Chow Chow (!!??!), and 50% “mixed breed”.  We met his mother at the shelter and she looked like a border collie.  Now we’re starting to wonder if she was really his mother or if the test is messed up in some way?  I was a little attached to the idea that he was part Border Collie, and I’m mourning that, but it’s OK.  It’s good that he is very mixed.  More genetic diversity usually translates into better health and that’s what’s important.  Has anyone else done the DNA test?  Any surprises?

[outfit:  cuyana silk tank, uniqlo knit oversize top, black crane carpenter pants, everlane crossover slides, american apparel corduroy jacket, baggu crossbody bag]

weekend updates: disaster at the dry cleaner + a few ethical wardrobe additions + my new scented candle addiction


I nearly cried today when I discovered bleach stains all over my beloved $500 APC coat!  It came back like this from the dry cleaners.  I had it dry cleaned weeks ago but didn’t notice it until today.  I was so upset.  Recall how devastated I was when the same dry cleaners destroyed the hem line of my brand new Jesse Kamm pants. I’ve had battles with this dry cleaners for years.  The owner is very disorganized and seemingly has severe ADHD.  He’s also very annoying and talks too much.  I debated going back there to complain but the BF convinced me to just leave it alone.  Instead I wrote an honest review of the establishment on Yelp.  This dry cleaners is very close to my apartment but from now on I’ll walk 4 more blocks to more competent cleaners.  I googled “how to repair bleach stains” and learned that you can use permanent markers.  I was able to repair it to some degree with a green marker but the stains are still visible because the colors don’t match exactly.  SAD!


In other news, I’ve been staying on top of my Barre3 work outs, doing at least 5 videos per week.  On some days I only did 10 minute work outs because I got home late or just felt lazy.  The 10 minute work outs still work up a sweat though.  My favorite exercises involve the resistance band and ball, which target the core and butt muscles in ways I didn’t know possible.  I’ve been wearing cotton bike shorts and a t shirt for most work outs but when our heater stopped working yesterday I wanted to wear leggings to stay warm.  I searched all over my closet for a pair of leggings and realized I no longer own any!  I mean I do own two winter leggings from AA, but those are very thick and compressive, not really suitable for working out.  I bought 3 Uniqlo leggings years ago but one by one threw them out when they tore or became transparent around the knees and butt area.  I haven’t bought leggings since I’ve started shopping more ethically, and I was so shocked at how damn expensive ethical leggings are.  I was practically drooling over the Outdoor Voices leggings and crop sports bras, but I just could not swallow the $90 price tag for leggings (especially after what happened to my coat).  So I found some secondhand Patagonia work out clothes on Poshmark and called it a day.

Actually, it didn’t end there.  I also purchased a couple other secondhand items from Poshmark:  a Lauren Manoogian ribbed tee in cream and a pair of cream colored corduroy Black Crane carpenter pants — at like 75% off retail price.  I’m really excited for these things to come in the mail.  These were things that I had in mind for 2018 even before I found them secondhand.  So I felt like I really scored here.  I felt really good about the purchase because #1 it met my goals of adding higher quality and lighter colors to my wardrobe, #2 they were made from ethical brands, and #3 on top of being ethical, I got them secondhand making them even more environmentally friendly.

Ever since Christmas, I’ve been burning scented candles like crazy.  In the past, I could never really enjoy scented candles because to be honest, they are expensive and whenever I burned them it felt like I was burning dollar bills.  I would try to conserve the candle and couldn’t really let go and enjoy the aromatherapy.  But because I got a bunch of scented candles for Christmas and didn’t want them to clutter the apartment for too long, I burned them freely, all day, every day.  Then I realized that I really enjoyed them, it seemed to help me relax and fall asleep more easily at the end of the day.

Yesterday night I decided I wanted to learn more about scented candles and did some internet research and discovered a whole world of candle aficionados.  There a lot of people on youtube who review scented candles and they know an insane amount of information on candles.  They collect candles.  They have very specific vocabulary they use to describe aspects of scented candles, like “throw” and “cold sniff”, “high notes”, “base notes”.  And they remember limited editions scents produced by candle makers from 2004, similar to the way sommeliers speak of wines.

I also learned that certain scents have been shown to reduce peoples appetites.  Peppermint is one of them and I realized that two of the candles I had been burning non stop were peppermint!  I noticed that since burning candles I haven’t been craving as much junk food.  I’ve lost 4 pounds since Christmas.  It’s hard to know if this is because of the candle or if its due to my new work out routine and healthy eating mindset.

A lot of “candle-heads” on youtube rave about the 3-wick candles at bath and body works.  I haven’t tried them yet and honestly haven’t walked into a Bath and Body Works since my high school mall days in the 90s, and generally have a low regard for their products, but the candle heads were such big fans, that I decided I’d give their candles a try.  They were on sale for half off and I was able to combine the sale with a 20% coupon (with promo code:  DISCOVER20) to buy 3 candles:  rose, donut campfire, and eucalyptus (with mint).

Another candle company that is to die for is the Brooklyn Candle Studio which is run by an African American female entrepreneur in Brooklyn.  Their candle scents are sophisticated and dreamy and I love their “minimalist” line of candles.  They are similar to the quality of Dyptique but without the insane price tag.  I just got the Rose Botanica and LOVE the smell of it, but do wish the “throw” (how far the scent travels when lit) was farther.  My nose is very weak though, so if you have a good sense of smell then you’ll love it.

I’m hooked on candles now.  No longer will I save them for special occasions or bubble baths.  I’m going to be lighting up candles day in and day out, and stocking up when I find good candles on sale.  It’s a whole new world, lol.

In other news, the BF re-arranged his office space and I think it looks really nice!  He’s going to be away at work tomorrow so I’ll try to sneak a few pics in to complete my apartment tour for you guys.  And my dog Freddy’s DNA ancestry test results are back and we were so surprised about what we found out.  I’ll post the results tomorrow as well. Stay tuned!

outfit: kumbaya, spinster art teacher

elizabeth suzann harper linen gauze 2018-01-12 at 7.27.33 PM

M from WFHW said the linen gauze Harper tunic by Elizabeth Suzann made her look like a “spinster art teacher”, while highly recommending it, lol, so of course, I had to follow suit and buy one too!  I’d actually been stalking the Harper for about a year already.  It’s been so long, that wearing it finally, felt kind of surreal.  Anyway, I feel very fortunate to finally have it and think I will cherish it for many years to come.

I wore it to work today with the Ranger pants.  The big pocket came in handy for holding my pen and index cards.  I usually jot notes down on an index card for each patient that I see.  Then at the end of the day after I’ve documented my notes electronically, the cards get shredded.  The weight of my phone didn’t feel comfortable in the pocket; it pulled and made the shirt awkwardly lop sided. So I held my phone in my hand all day which is fine because I’m almost always reading something on it as I walk around.

By the end of the day, I felt so relieved that it was finally the weekend!  Thank god for Martin Luther King, seriously, for all that he’s done for civil rights, and for this much needed 3-day weekend.  I think it’s really great that my institution gives us the day off for MLK.  We don’t get many holidays off, so it really means that our hospital honors MLK and what he stood for, I’m proud to say.  But anyway, on my way out, I stopped by the hospital gift shop to pick up a hallmark card that I’m going to send to my cousin (that’s what you see in my pocket).

elizabeth suzann harper linen gauze 2018-01-12 at 7.30.55 PM

When I got home, I changed out of the Ranger pants, my HOPP shoes, and into my old Tilda linen pants by Elizabeth Suzann and these trusty old Birks.  I don’t wear the Tildas much in the fall/winter, but wanted to see if they’d pair well with the Harper.  The lightness and texture make them a match made in heaven.  The Tildas don’t have pockets so its nice that the Harper can make up for that.  The most surprising thing about the Harper was how slimming it felt on.  It’s a very boxy top, but for some reason I feel like it lengthens my silhouette.

This outfit feels very “kumbaya”.  It reminds me of my experience taking a 5 day immersion course in “AEDP” therapy.  A couple years ago, I was part of a radical group of mostly women therapists learning a new experiential, emotion focused type of therapy at Columbia.  It focused on helping patients heal by tapping into their “core self” and forming new secure attachments through genuine connection.  There was a lot of wisdom, powerful transformative experiences, tears, and kumbaya moments in that room for 5 days.  I also remember seeing a lot of linens pants, long flowy white dresses, un dyed gray hair, and gem stones.  It was wonderful.  I think that experience has a lot to do with the way I dress today.

elizabeth suzann harper linen gauze 2018-01-12 at 7.31.26 PM

[outfit:  elizabeth suzann harper linen gauze tunic, size OS-minus; jesse kamm ranger pants size 6; elizabeth suzann midweight linen Tilda pants, HOPP essential oxfords, Arizona Birkenstocks, vintage framed eyeglasses from Fabulous Fanny’s]

Why ​I cringed when she called herself an “influencer”.

hopp shoes

I’m going about my normal routine of casually reading my style blog feed as I unwind at the end of the day, following along like a loyal fan, interested in all the changes and plans X blogger has for her fabulous wardrobe, admiring her great taste, nodding my head in agreement with what she’s writing, and then, all of a sudden, she refers to herself as an “influencer”, (in all seriousness and without the quotation marks!).  I cringe. It hits you like a truck and everything changes.  There’s a visceral reaction of disgust.  I stop reading, unfollow, close the tab, and move on. I’m OK with the term “influencer”.  There’s legitimate meaning in that term.   But, a blogger who has risen to the status of influencer need not call herself an “influencer”.  That label is best left up to other people to use in reference to her.  But, using that term self referentially is arrogant and insulting to readers.  Wouldn’t it be more humble and gracious to say something objective like “I’m a blogger, I just love sharing my passion with other people and feel so lucky to make a living from doing this.”  An influencer gets called an “influencer” by others but should always disavow that title.    Akin to how a firefighter who saves a child’s life might disavow being called “a hero”.  She might say with humility, something like “I was just doing my job”.  Maybe that analogy is too far out.  It’s more like a successful actress calling herself “a star”.  The moment an influencer calls herself an “influencer” it feels as though her ego has grown too big, and worse, that her primary agenda is to make money off of her readers, and that might very well be true if we are all being honest, but it’s a big turn off to readers when that becomes front and center.  Can we at least pretend it isn’t so?  There’s a Man Repeller article about why the term influencer feels “icky”.  The comments section is very much on point.

outfit: draped and twisted

lemaire twisted pants hopp essential oxfords 2018-01-06 at 5.38.38 PM

Does anybody else love Lemaire’s work?  His clothes are both beautiful and sensible.  I’ve been following his twisted seam pants throughout the seasons.  I feel so lucky to finally own a pair.

lemaire twisted pants hopp essential oxfords 2018-01-06 at 5.39.17 PM

The denim is thick and buttery soft.  It’s the most comfortable denim I’ve ever owned.  They would fit a range of body types and sizes well I think.  No one part of the pants feel at all constricting (I can’t say that is true about the Kamm pants which look amazing but are not forgiving of any extra flab you might have).  I love how they taper out like a wide leg and then ever so slightly taper back in.  It’s such a modern shape.  They run long.  I had to chop 3 inches off the length.  They look good long too if you’re looking for something that covers the ankle.

lemaire twisted pants hopp essential oxfords 2018-01-06 at 5.39.41 PM

I’ve finally road tested these HOPP oxfords and have to say I’m really impressed with the comfort.  They have fairly thick rubber soles which is important for walking through the dirty sludge, salt covered sidewalks in NYC (you can still see the salt stains in my photos here). I find myself walking even faster than I normally do in them (after 9 years in NYC, I walk pretty damn fast).

What do you guys think about me never showing my face?  Sometimes I really wish I could show myself but my profession requires that I don’t (I’m a psychiatrist).  I always assumed my readers would implicitly understand that but maybe not, so I figure it’s  worth explicitly saying here just in case.  It’s not that I’m shy or think I’m ugly.  I simply can’t do it.  I figure it’s not that big a deal anyway.  It’s about the clothes and my thoughts, not my face.  Although I can understand the value and desire in seeing the person behind the blog.

[outfit:  *eileen fisher faded lime linen top (the candle matches my top!), lemaire twisted denim, HOPP essential oxfords, thirdlove lounge bra]

outfit: twist and tuck

black crane carpenter eileen fisher linen

Quick lo-fi outfit post here.  The sun had already come down when I took this photo today.  Later I’d change into my HOPP shoes to go out with the BF to the bar across the street.  I received this pre-owned Eileen Fisher linen top in the mail today.  I am constantly stalking EF linens in the secondhand market.  This is my 4th top of that type and I have not been disappointed yet.  Even at a size small, it’s huge.  I’m embracing the top to bottom baggy look lately.  Was able to get all the extra fabric to tuck in all sorts of ways and spontaneously discovered the twist and tuck method that you see here.  It creates such a beautiful drape.  I’m so comfortable in this.  It makes me feel at home.

[outfit:  eileen fisher linen top*, black crane carpenter pants, SAS relaxed sandals]

They’re here! HOPP essential oxfords (+ bonus bomb cyclone hobbit outfit)

hopp essential oxford nubuck 2018-01-04 at 5.21.33 PM.png

When I got home today, a lovely little package was waiting for me.  The HOPP shoes arrived!  These are, hands down, the best shoes ever, seriously!  There are so many little details about it that I love.  As you probably already know because I’ve talked about it here so many times already:  they’re designed by Eree Kim (Opening Ceremony) but manufactured by SAS, an American company that makes orthopedic shoes for diabetics and old people, so I expected them to be almost as comfortable as my SAS shoes, but they are actually MORE comfortable than my “ugly” orthopedic SAS shoes.

hopp essential oxford nubuck 2018-01-04 at 5.22.18 PM

I think this is because the soles are made of substantial rubber and have this segmented type design that makes them feel sturdy but flexible.  The nubuck is very soft and the shoe is shaped in a way that gives you room right where you need it and slims down where your foot slims down.  So not bulky at all.  Finally, a shoe that respects a woman’s foot!   Can you believe these are a size 9.5?  For some reason SAS shoes make big feet look small and these do too.  You should order a half size up. I’m usually a size 9, and 9.5 fit perfectly with room for thick socks.

Here’s the outfit I wore today in the “BOMB CYCLONE”.  Please excuse the crappy picture (I was in a mad rush).

hopp essential oxford nubuck 2018-01-04 at 5.19.52 PM.png

[outfit:  old uniqlo oversize knit top, black crane carpenter pants, old everlane long puffer, AA winter leggings (underneath), AA mens speckled dress socks, ariat ladies extreme H2O insulated zip paddock boots]

Everyone else got a snow day, but I walked the dog in Central Park, took public transportation to and from work, and survived!  The icy snow tornados were like nails to the face.  But my old winter wardrobe investments paid off.  I stayed pretty warm all things considered.  I’m wearing my AA winter leggings under these carpenter pants and wore my high tech Ariat waterproof winter boots.

hopp essential oxford nubuck 2018-01-04 at 5.21.13 PM

I felt like an astronaut in these boots.  I thought about selling them, but after today, I think I’ll keep them.  They fill a niche that my crepe sole boots can’t.  Even after I move to California I may need them if I ever travel to a place like Alaska.  I can’t imagine finding a more functional boot for extreme weather than these.  I did a lot of research when purchasing them.  The technology keeps your foot very warm, seal out the snow from soaking your socks, and they protect your ankles from twisting in the event of a fall.  For some reason my alignment gets corrected in them too; I sit straighter and walk taller while wearing these.  I highly recommend them if you need something for a harsh climate, work on a farm, ride horses in the winter, or need to trek through snow.

outfit: Frodo-chic in Black Crane carpenter pants.

black crane carpenter 2018-01-03 at 7.19.29 PM

Just got my Black Crane carpenter pants back from the tailor today.  Had the hem taken up by 2 inches.  I went a bit out of my comfort zone with this silhouette, but after a few adjustments in the way I think about shape, I think I like it.  I remember feeling very weird about the Elizabeth Suzann Clyde pants initially too but once I accepted an unconventional and bigger shape around the hips, I was hooked.  Initially these carpenter pants felt very much like Hammer pants, but now that the hem is taken up, they feel very Frodo Baggins, which is a huge upgrade in my book.

I’m kinda loving this effortless hobbit look right now.  The thigh width on these pants are huge, but the fabric, color, and texture elevate it enough so that they don’t look like sweat pants in real life.  I could probably get away with wearing this at work if I wear the right shoes.  The designers at Black Crane intended their clothing to be a reflection of their Japanese heritage, to be minimal, edgy, feel easy while being wearable to work.

My only complaint is that these are made of cotton and rayon.  I wished Black Crane would stick with all natural fibers.  The fabric blend has a dry hand feel, and feels more like cotton than rayon.  It’s very billowy, breathable, and forgiving of weight fluctuations, but will also make you look ten pounds heavier, which is a tradeoff made for comfort. Who cares about looking skinny anymore anyways.  I’m tired of that oppression. I’m wearing a size small, and could probably have sized down to an extra small.

black crane carpenter 2018-01-03 at 7.20.31 PM

I think these big ass pants will pair well with oversized linen tops for a big on top and big on bottom statement outfit.  I’ve never really thought about “drape” when it comes to pants, but I’m already imagining all the different ways I can get these pants to drape by layering them with tops of varying widths and lengths.

black crane carpenter 2018-01-03 at 7.19.40 PM

Of course with the bitter cold conditions right now, I can only where this outfit around the house.  Is anyone else dreading the “cyclone bomb” tomorrow?

I’ll experiment with wearing my American Apparel winter leggings underneath and pairing them with my work oxfords with exposed wool socks for an altogether over the top hobbit winter outfit.

Edit:  Bonus home tour of the designers’ beautiful home in Los Angles. This is my dream home.  My god.  Such great taste.

[outfit:  eileen fisher linen shell top, black crane carpenter pants, SAS relaxed sandals]


2018 resolutions for my wardrobe and health (+ bonus smoothie recipe).

barre3 calendar

I know a lot of people hate the idea of making new year’s resolutions but not me!  There’s no harm in trying to make improvements.  And if you fail, well, then you are just back to where you were before.

How did I do in 2017?  According to my resolutions blog post in Jan 2017, I had hoped to only spend 1200 dollars on clothes all year.  Well, that was a major fail!  Because I spent 3x that amount!  But I did make good on my other goal of staying out of credit card debt.  When I graduated from medical school (5 years ago), I was 10K in credit card debt, mostly just spent on daily living costs while receiving minimal parental financial support.

I was able to climb out of that debt exactly two years ago and stayed out of that kind of debt since.  In order to pay it off, I don’t think I ever made any big sacrifices with my clothes, but I did cut out things like going out to nice restaurants and bars.  And I haven’t travelled much at all either.  Most of my vacations were stay-cations.

When people come visit me in NYC, they often ask if I’ve been to [insert trendy new restaurant].  But my answer is almost always no.  I rarely go out which is fine by me because I’m happier as a home body than most people. Some people might read this and think I’ve prioritized consumer goods over life experiences, but for me, my clothes are important experiences.

Another resolution I made last year was to improve my summer wardrobe, which I did succeed in doing.  In 2017, I added a handful of linen flow-y garments and work friendly sandals.  I always had something to wear in the summer.  So in 2018, I won’t need to add that much for the summer.  In 2016, I did a really good job of beefing up my winter wardrobe, so this year I’ve been really toasty and didn’t have to invest in any winter outerwear or accessories.  I’m still using all the same stuff from two years ago.

This year I don’t have any major seasonal type gaps in my wardrobe to fill but may need a few things throughout the year to replace unwanted or worn out things.  I think 2018, will be about upgrading existing garments types that I already have rather than filling holes.  This year I won’t be putting a dollar amount limit on my clothing budget.  I think it makes more sense to just limit the rate of my clothing acquisitions.

Resolutions for wardrobe:

  1. Buy significantly less clothes, ie. less than 1 item per month.
  2. Be willing to pay a lot more for each item of clothing.
  3. Donate all remaining unwanted clothes that were not sold in 2017.
  4. Lighten up the color palette.
  5. No more stripes (already have too much).
  6. No more synthetics  (it’s bad for the ocean).
  7. No more cashmere (it’s bad for the planet).

Resolutions for health:

  1. Complete at least 5 Barre3 workouts per week.
  2. Eat less meat.  Lower LDL cholesterol to < 80 (current level = 100).
  3. Take daily vitamin D.  Raise vitamin D level to > 20 (current level = 12).
  4. Take better care of skin: wear sunscreen, cleanse, and moisturize every day.

I already started these resolutions in December and have made good on these promises.  I completed day 7 in the Barre3 8-day beginner series and have been sore since I started on Christmas.   The Barre3 online courses give you a sticker for each calendar day, each time you complete a work out.  As a good student, I’ll do anything for a sticker!  It’s genius.

On top of that, I’ve remained vegetarian for all meals except dinner with a few exceptions, while cutting back on carbs simultaneously. And have been taking my vitamin D daily.  I also updated my skincare routine and already feel like my skin is a million times smoother (I’ll write more about this in another post).

Let’s just hope I can keep it up!  What about you?  How did you do on last years resolutions? Do you have any wardrobe or health related resolutions for 2018?

IMG_0965Bonus:  A sweet but healthy smoothie recipe

If you’re really craving a sweet dessert but want to keep it (somewhat) healthy then this is the perfect recipe!  I’ve made it a few times already.  The BF loves it so much, he keeps requesting that I make it again and again.  For two serving sizes, combine the following in a blender:

  • 1.5 cup almond milk
  • 1.5 tablespoon natural peanut butter
  • 1 ripe banana
  • 4 ice cubes (each 1.5″x1″x1″)
  • 20 frozen blueberries
  • optional:  1 teaspoon hot chocolate mix or 1/2 teaspoon cocoa powder

This is probably around 280 calories total; half that if you’re sharing it.  Enjoy!

Last post of 2017: A few good links + recent wardrobe additions.

Hopp essential oxfords

2017 flew by, didn’t it?  Actually for me, I’m grateful to say that this year felt a little bit slower than previous years.

I keep a bookmarks folder in my google chrome with random links I stumble across that I want to share with you guys and whenever I reach at least 3 links, I’ll put out a post like this one.

This year I missed out on the MOMA Is Fashion Modern? show, but probably better is this video tour of the exhibit by MOMA’s curator Paola Antonelli here.  You must also check out all the videos in MOMA’s series Fashion as Design, here.  The video on Levi’s vintage denim and on the lifecycle of clothes were my favorites.

I’ve been interested in learning more about skincare ingredients lately and found a youtube channel by dermatologist Dr. Dray.  I especially like this video where she kind of goes undercover into CVS and teaches you how to shop smart for skincare products.  In addition to sunscreen, she’s a big proponent of niacinamide and ceramides, but feels topical vitamin C is probably not worth the hype.

And finally you all know how much I’ve been obsessing over the HOPP studio shoes ever since I heard about them a few months ago.  After agonizing over if and what I should buy, I went with the super practical essential oxfords in black nubuck (pictured above).  There’s an executive level professional at my job who wears a pair of HOPP shoes at work.  When I look at her, I think “modern power woman”.  This marketing video / testimonial about the essential oxfords sealed the deal for me:

I agree with what she says about the “sexy” look as feeling very cheesy.  It’s so refreshing to hear this!

In addition to the HOPP shoes, I added a few more things to my wardrobe:  the carpenter pants by Black Crane and a pair of Lemaire twisted pants.  Right out of the box I fell in love with them but they are getting tailored right now so I won’t be able to post a proper review until after Wednesday.  I also bought a lounge bra from ThirdLoveto wear around the house and for low impact work outs.  My Patagonia heavy duty sports bra is a bit too constricting (great for running) but as my dermatologist friend Joy (hi Joy!) confirmed, it was making my chest break out with folliculitis from all the compression and sweat build up.  A while back I ordered the Elizabeth Suzann Harper tunic but it’s taken ES a long time to make it, but that’s OK.  According to ES, all the employees got 10 paid days off this week (and that’s good!), so the Harper will have to wait til 2018.  Looking forward to it so much!  I’d been stalking that piece for over a year already!

This New Year’s Eve we’ve decided to stay cozy at home.  Going out for NYE in NYC is always such a hassle and disappointment.  Today I’ve been busy making smoothies, cooking, and will probably split a bottle of wine with the BF later while we watch the ball drop.  This year has been a good year for this blog.  I’ve been able to post more because I try to stick to writing ‘organically’, in a non-fussy way, about my interests in getting dressed, clothes, design, and other random things.  It’s a lot of fun.  Please, if you don’t already have a blog, and share similar interests, please create one so I can follow you!  👩🏻‍💻

Happy New Year! 🥂

outfit: for a 20 minute power walk in level 5 cold (+ my winter base layer)

winter cold outfit apc armelle boot 2017-12-29 at 12.39.09 AM

Here’s a quick outfit post.  It was 14 degrees today! 😬  I took a couple days off of work to focus on writing a research paper.  It’s tedious stuff, so I’m glad to take a little break to snap this OOTD photo. This is right before a power walk with my dog Freddy in the park.   I’m wearing my dad’s old Gap sweater that’s probably 15 years old.  He never wore it because it was too big for him (my dad is a very slender man).  He gladly passed the sweater along to me.  It’s still in perfect condition. Continue reading “outfit: for a 20 minute power walk in level 5 cold (+ my winter base layer)”

A few links (The Ordinary skincare, Barre3, and a music video).

dr it girl links eucalyptus vase.JPG

The winter has dried out my skin and lips a lot.  While at work, I got so desperate for relief, I ended up taking a tube of moisturizer from the supply room at the hospital.  Surprisingly, it was hands down one of the most effective moisturizers I’ve ever tried, and I’ve tried a lot.  The other night, I wondered out loud to the BF why there weren’t more highly effective beauty products without all the gimmicky marketing features that drive up costs but add no real value.  Why aren’t there more products like the ones you can find at the hospital? Continue reading “A few links (The Ordinary skincare, Barre3, and a music video).”