apt tour: the bedroom sofa is where I do my work


According to my reader’s poll, a lot of you guys wanted to see my apartment, so here goes.  It’s daunting to photograph my whole apartment in one day, so I’m going to break it down and start a series of posts on small areas.  I’ll try to keep it authentic (that means no staging).

Let me start by saying, I love interior design.  My favorite past time is re-arranging furniture and coming up with new ideas on how to repurpose things.  My BF and I have lived in this apartment for about 4 years.  It’s come a long way on a small budget.  We live in a 750 sq ft railroad style apartment in an old run down four story walk up in NYC.  It’s size and layout has posed a lot of challenges, but I think we’ve been able to make it work.

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outfit: structured & striped


I feel so comfortable in this outfit.  Today, I’m wearing a structured cotton dress with breton stripes from Muji (bought secondhand).  The heavy weight of the fabric gives it a good flow and drape.  I’m not conscious of my body with this on.  I like the way it pairs with my chinos.  My style is growing up a bit.  In the past, I would only wear chinos to work, but lately, I’ve been finding more ways to wear them.  I’m growing tired of leggings and skinny jeans all the time.   Continue reading →

How minimalism pushed me to be me.

Minimalism taught me how to listen to myself, how to be decisive; to feel more free to be me.  It promotes clarity so my energy is focused on things that matter.  Minimalism reduces unnecessary chaos and replaces it with peace and calm.  Peace and calm sets the stage for more meaningful experiences.  It taught me how to create more space for myself; how to fiercely protect my time; how to get the most out of it.  Minimalism has given me a better way to live through problems but by no means does it solve them all.  Minimalism empowers one to be countercultural and promotes this one radical idea:  be you.

Thank you to all who responded to my readers poll!  Overwhelmingly my readers want to hear more about minimalism.  Which is great because it is my favorite topic too!  A lot of you also voted for more about my apartment. So I’ll go in that direction next.  🌻

outfit: steve jobs


Here’s another one of my Steve Jobs looks, as my BF would call it.  I bought this Patagonia mock neck secondhand online and find myself reaching for it often.  It’s 100% cotton and is so basic that I can wear it with almost anything.  It feels like a thick structured T-shirt in some ways.  I love being able to tuck it all the way around my pants.  The Patagonia label is discreetly embroidered at the bottom edge of the shirt, which is tucked in.

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the feng shui of seams


I’m a big fan of form school feng shui, a branch of feng shui attuned to our natural tendency to seek safety and comfort at home. Form school is concerned mostly about the way we arrange furniture, but the same principles can be applied to almost anything, even clothes.

As I was folding laundry today, I realized that I had always been turned off by clothes with seams running down the middle of the front or back. Same goes for shoes. Ever notice a beautiful pair of boots from afar, only to become disappointed up close when you discover a seam running down to the tip? I could love everything about the silhouette, fabric, color, etc… but add a seam down the middle of it, and it’s ruined!

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