Beyond Birks: Chaco

chaco classic 2

I have a lot of foot issues.  One of them are fallen arches that cause my calves to cry by the end of each day.  A few years ago, I discovered Birkenstocks and they made a huge difference.  I still wear the same pair everyday.  Over time however, Continue reading →

closet tour

closet 2

I have this curious fascination with looking into people’s closets.  LA based photographer Jeana Sohn does just that in a series of posts at closet visit where she takes you through wardrobes of local creative women.  My closet is much less interesting than what you’ll find there.  But still, I feel pretty happy with what I got, and thought it would be fun to take you on a little closet tour of my own.  Here we go: Continue reading →

4 Surprising Tricks to Tidying

capsule wardrobe

Deep down, I’m really (shamefully) domestic and sometimes I come up with good ideas that are my own worth sharing.  So here are some quick tips for staying tidy that you probably haven’t heard of before:

1. Re-purpose excess ceramic bowls from the kitchen to organize your drawers.  Continue reading →

apt: a case for blank walls

blank walls

In bed on an early Sunday morning,

shades of gray bounce off the walls left intentionally blank.

There’s something peaceful about blank spaces.  I used to move into an apartment and have this urge to make spaces feel “lived in”.  Quickly my apartment filled with a bunch of unloved objects.  Some time later, frustrated with my surroundings, I’d wonder how I ever accrued all this junk.  The previous generation donated all their things and redecorated their homes entirely.  But our generation, belts tightened, environmental consciousness ingrained since the 1990’s acid rain scare, has chosen instead to permanently minimize.   Continue reading →

outfit: slow pants


The blogger at StyleBee introduced me to these amazing Elizabeth Suzannwork pants” that I asked for on my birthday.  These pants are really great!  I’m so glad they fit well because the process was truly slow.  Each pair of pants are made to order by hand in the USA.  Mine took 8 weeks for them to sew up and ship.  It came with a handwritten letter and wrapped in the most beautiful marble wrapping paper I’ve ever seen.  All seams on these pants are sewn with intent to last a lifetime and the fabrics are selected to get better with age.  I love that it is high waisted enough to wear with crop tops but fitted enough to drape longer shirts over the belly area.  These pants do convey an unconventional silhouette in that you must feel comfortable with accentuating curves and that means maybe looking larger than your actual size.  I do this all time with oversized shift dresses and boxy tomboy shirts and find this aesthetic far more interesting than the typical body con / wrap dress silhouettes that you find everywhere.  Stylish does not have to be “sexy”.  There’s an interesting debate about this topic on Gretchen’s Closet here, but anyway…  I digress.   Continue reading →

seasonal objects


Here are some of my favorite objects this season:

  1. mineral salt deodorant spray: Are your pits ready for the heatwave? My regular old ‘healthy deordorant’ wasn’t cutting it so I looked into salt spray after reading a little bit about it. This stuff really works, leaves no residue or scent, and is completely non toxic. It won’t prevent sweating but will block odorous bacteria growth!
  2. rose oil:  I’m enjoying the beautiful smell of rose oil this season with beauty products like Dr. Hauschka’s Rose Day Cream, which seems to have a loyal following for good reason.  And Aesop’s A Rose by Any Other Name body cleanser simply smells amazing.
  3. peonies:  These adorable flowers are finally in season (and sold at bargain prices right now!  Usually go for $10 per stem, now sold at a 1/4 of that price ).  And I’m loving the scent of Mrs. Meyer’s Peony cleaning products.  It’s my favorite scent in their entire line of products.  A bit rosy but more soft and subtle.

outfit: athleisure

2221 new balance 999 everlane street

This has become my go to outfit for walks in the park.  Everlane came out with these cozy structured ‘street fleece pants’  made of soft jersey neoprene fabric with ankle zips and 3 big pockets.  I’m wearing size small.  The elastic waist band is very generous; I could probably gain 20 lbs and still fit into these!  (Just thinkin ahead.)  Would highly recommend these if you’re looking for an alternative to leggings but don’t like the look of traditional sweat pants.

I also love these new balance 999 elite edition shoes!   The 500 and 600 series shoes seem to be more popular, but as my BF pointed out, they are too ‘pretty’ and didn’t feel like ‘real’ athletic shoes.  Instead, I needed an ugly hard working shoe, but new balance can get really really ugly as you get into the 700-1000 series.  Except for the 999s, which is the perfect balance between comfort and style, I think. Continue reading →

wardrobe radar


wardrobe radar 2-16

Here are a few things on my radar lately–

  1. fortnight lingerie – durable handcrafted lingerie from canada; I especially like their luna longline bra in black; the label is all for abandoning the mainstream padded pushup bra trend [video] – I’m totally with them on that!
  2. creatures of comfort saddle bag – a nice alternative to carrying the usual oversized leather tote; love the minimalist design and that it retains its structure and has compartments; adjustable cross body straps are major pros here too; this investment will have to wait though.
  3. elizabeth suzann clyde work pants in cotton twill – if you’ve been following, you know I’m a sucker for socialist fashion ✊🏼. These could be great go to everyday work pants.  The label is handcrafted made to order locally in Nashville and per their vision statement, the label was born out of a dislike for excess and desire for quality… every item is made to last a long time and suitable for machine washing.  Great investment if you’re headed down the slow fashion route.
  4. rachel comey mars boot – I’ve been considering this boot for a long time and after the NYC snowpocalypse damaged my 2 year old petty boots beyond repair, I think it’s time to lay the old to rest and make room for this new classic boot.  I recently visited RC’s beautiful crosby st boutique to try them on, and can say definitely size up by a half size, and don’t worry about waiting on this one, they will return every season.

Continue reading →

beauty: capsule

beauty capsule

A capsule beauty kit contains only essential cosmetics.  Think of the products that you repurchase when empty; the ones you just have to squeeze into your carry-on bag when you travel.  What if you only kept these products and got rid of the rest? …  By the time I reached the big 3-0, I felt like I had a better sense of myself, and knew what products made sense for me and had done enough research to know what products were the very best.  The end result is a hard working beauty kit with holy grail standards for every item.  I’m lucky enough to no longer have many blemishes (one of the many benefits to becoming semi-old~!) and on most days go without make up entirely, so it makes sense that my beauty kit only contains 6 items.  It was definitely worth the effort to ruthlessly edit my beauty kit down to a few products, for an easy morning routine, and a look that feels authentic. Continue reading →

blog: in the works

dr it girl coffee

I haven’t been writing as consistently as I would like to because my schedule has been pretty jam packed lately (despite my efforts to do less ~!).  Over the weekend, I stumbled across a few like-minded blogs (here and here – I just love finding new blogs with great content!) and felt inspired to write more!  So I thought I’d share some ideas I had in the works for the future of this blog:

  • sharing my capsule beauty kit
  • editing a style wishlist – I’m not sure why, but I’m interested in other bloggers’ wishlists and enjoy reading about how they ultimately decide to buy or not buy something.
  • sharing my ‘style story’ – a survey that looks into how your life story influences what you wear.  Very interesting idea!
  • taking better photos – I’ve been learning to do more with my DSLR.  Still a work in progress though.. with time.
  • taking you on a tour of my apartment – We did a lot of re-arranging and can’t wait to show you!
  • more outfit posts, of course! including some new athleisure – loungewear items I just got.

Stay tuned.  Let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions for me down below.  Thanks!

beauty: the truman

harrys truman razor

I was so fed up with my old Schick Quattro razor.  It’s ugly, complicated; the head broke off every time it fell in the shower and the blades got dull fast.  It seemed like I was paying a lot for a crappy product.  I realized there are only 3 options at the drug store:  Schick, Gillette, and Bic– all equally gimmicky, ugly; each desperately trying to vie for your attention with loud colors, swirly patterns, and moisturizing strips.

But all I want from a razor is a simple pleasing design, good working parts, no frills, at a reasonable price, so I’m glad I found the Truman at Harry’s.  It’s the most beautiful affordable razor I’ve found; at only $10, with each replacement head under $2 a piece, with free shipping.  I’ve used it once so far and am really impressed at the close shave, flexible head, and its secure attachment mechanism at the very neck of the razor.  Although it is marketed towards men, I feel it is actually gender neutral and offers a great shave, safe for female parts.  This will definitely become a staple in my beauty routine. Continue reading →

beauty: sachajuan

sachajuan scalp

This miracle in a bottle cured my boyfriend’s 15 year long scalp problems for good! He tried every over the counter and prescribed treatment and nothing worked. His scalp was basically resistant to conventional treatments.  Even the dermatologists gave up and resorted to prescribing high potency topical steroids that cost hundreds of dollars per bottle.

But what set this product apart is that it contains a handful of active ingredients that are European alternatives to the active ingredients we typically find in American scalp treatments.  We had zero expectations and are just so blown away at how well it works!

I originally became curious about this Swedish hair care line after seeing it featured in all my favorite boutiques. Its uncomplicated minimalist packaging is really to die for. Really a beautiful product inside and out.

Here’s an excerpt from Sachajuan‘s philosophy page: Continue reading →

outfit: a basic uniform

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 1.22.44 AM Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 1.21.08 AM

A short cut to getting dressed:  create a monochromatic base and change out the top layer throughout the week.

[outfit:  Uniqlo basic tank, Madewell high rise skinny trousers, Trade-Mark label pocket shirt, Kork Ease classic wedge sandals]