outfit: a slightly different white T-shirt


Sometimes I get teased for looking like Steve Jobs.  It’s an insult, but I do think I pull off the mock neck look better than he does.  I like this Everlane high crew tee for its high neckline.  It adds something just a little interesting to an otherwise uber conventional wardrobe item.  The hem on the bottom is bonded and gives the shirt a structured A-line shape.  I think these shapes look particularly good on girls with smaller busts or when wearing a sports bra.  Anyway, I’ve been wearing these all the time.  It’s currently sold out but I bet they will bring it back soon.

[outfit:  Everlane high crew tee, old Zara utility shorts, Chaco classic sandal, Cluse watch]

Outfit: for a walk in Central Park on a cool Sunday afternoon.


I have Sunday mornings all to myself for the next few months as my BF is off teaching a weekend class.  I used this time today to take my dog on a walk while listening to The Minimalists podcast episode on debt.  I’m pretty late to the whole podcast scene and was pleasantly surprised by their quality content.  These guys aren’t too extreme and have really mature perspectives on life based on starting from rock bottom, reaching success, and then choosing to make huge changes to their lives to bring them happiness.  They are super inspiring to listen to, I think more so than reading their blog.  After listening, I felt inspired to go on a manicure ban for the rest of the year to save some money.  Notice my bare fingernails?  I do pedicures at home because they require little effort and upkeep, so that won’t change.   Continue reading →

​Beauty Review:  Dr. Hauschka’s Rose Day Cream​ is the best anti-aging facial cream I’ve used thus far.

Last year, after I turned 30, I began to get a twinge of terror when I looked in the mirror under bright light. I was getting wrinkles!  For the first time, I began to mentally prepare myself for the inevitable aging process.  At the time, I was using MyChelle Deep Repair Cream.  I loved this cream but didn’t use it long because I got complaints from my BF that it smelled like mustard, so I looked into Dr. Hauschka’s Rose Day Cream, which I had read a lot about and noticed it had a sort of cult following for many years now, including J. Lo! And her skin is amazing!  I bought it on Amazon which was much cheaper than Whole Foods.  I loved the smell of it right away.  It felt really luxurious.  My only complaint is that it is a bit too thick.  I remedied that by wetting my hands before applying to thin it out a little.  Eight months later without even really paying attention, I realized that my skin looked like the way it used to! I wondered if I was going crazy last year when I noticed the wrinkles.  The wrinkles were never obvious in the first place but I do notice that my face feels as firm and smooth as it did >3 years ago.  Even though it is described as a day cream, I preferred to use it at night because it does feel a bit heavy and by the morning time the product has been fully absorbed and feels just right.  I’m almost out of the product and think next time I’ll buy the light version for easier application.  For comparison, other facial moisturizers I’ve used include:  Burt’s Bees, Oil of Olay, Clarins, Clinique, Kiss My Face, Avene, Shiseido, Roc, and Vanicream.  Dr. Hauschka is by far the best. What’s the best facial cream you’ve tried?  Would love to hear your thoughts.

Lessons from a leaner closet


Like a lot of other people, I felt like I learned a lot about myself in the process of paring down.  When forced to make tough decisions on what stays or goes, I learned about what was most important to me.  Since my focus here has been on personal style, I wanted to share some of the things I learned in that department.

My favorite and most worn clothes were surprisingly from a broad range of retailers, from cheap fast fashion stores like H&M to designers like Trade-Mark.  Although I try to shop more consciously at ethical brands as much as possible now, for moral reasons, I don’t mind at all holding onto high rotation, fast fashion clothing that I already have and I like mixing it all up.   Continue reading →

How I discovered my style


If you are reading my blog, you probably, like me, enjoy reading about other blogger’s thought processes when deciding what to wear.  It helps me think in new ways about my own style.

What I’ve noticed is that I think much differently than I used to (in my 20s).  When I look back at my old shopping habits, it is astonishing how little thought I put into how I spent.  In my late 20s- early 30s, I slowly dug my way out of debt.  Part of my debt was due to being in school for so long, but a big part was also due to my terrible shopping habits.  I was spending a little each time, and spending a lot overall.  I ended up with a closet full of clothes that was frustrating and didn’t last the test of time.

I didn’t really start to think about my shopping habits until I started reading about how other bloggers shopped.  In this post, I want to share a story about my old shopping habits; not to beat up on myself but to simply reflect on how I learned valuable lessons that allowed me to be more free to be me. Continue reading →

Why I stopped wearing patterns


As I pruned my wardrobe down to the clothes I wore most often and then reflected on why I wore some things more than others, I realized I had gotten rid of almost all my clothes with patterns.  Patterns are exciting when first purchased but after a few wears, I tend to get sick of looking at them.  And because they stand out in people’s memory, I feel that I can’t wear the same patterned clothing over and over again.

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Good Read

coffee vietnamese
Start of a new week here.  Thanks Gretchen for sharing my blog with others!  Thought I should share some of my good read bookmarks too.  Enjoy!
1.)  Why the skinny jean is killing the fashion industry:  Bloomberg.
2.)  A full time fashion blogger tells all on the trappings of blogging in an old post: Lifestyle by Joules.
3.)  Miss Minimalist talks about hitting Peak Stuff.

retirement of things


Today, my beloved blanket of 7+ years alas, has disintegrated.  It made me happy to realize that I’m decluttering an item because I’ve loved and used it to the point of demise.  Turns out not every thing I toss out is due to a bad decision after all, yay!  Thinking about tossing this blanket out as ‘decluttering’ didn’t quite capture things.   Continue reading →

outfit: relaxed tomboy

An outfit for weekend lounging in perfect weather.  No frills and comfortable.

[outfit:  old Zara cropped navy collared shirt, Elizabeth Suzann work pants, Vionic Relax slippers]


outfit: work pants

elizabeth suzann

Thought I should post another outfit with the Elizabeth Suzann work pants that I got for my birthday.  These pants have really turned out to be a good investment.  The pockets are huge without giving you a (tacky) cargo pants type of look.  And they seem to go well with everything in my wardrobe.  My only complaint is that pet hair tends to stick to the fabric but that’s not a big deal for me.  The top is from TradeMark, a minimalist label with excellent craftsmanship.  I was drawn to the socialist vibe of this shirt and its understated pale yellow color, to add just a little warmth to my otherwise grayscale wardrobe. Continue reading →

outfit: nautical summer uniform

culotte outfit

For the longest time, I thought culottes could only look good on models and tall people but realized there’s actually a huge range of shapes and fabric weights when it comes to culottes and it’s all about finding the right one for you.  I got this two piece set from Madewell this summer and really love it.  It has kept me comfortable and breezy during this long summer heatwave.  It’s got such an interesting character to it–part tomboy nautical, part cute African school girl.

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Beyond Birks: Chaco

chaco classic 2

I have a lot of foot issues.  One of them are fallen arches that cause my calves to cry by the end of each day.  A few years ago, I discovered Birkenstocks and they made a huge difference.  I still wear the same pair everyday.  Over time however, Continue reading →

closet tour

closet 2

I have this curious fascination with looking into people’s closets.  LA based photographer Jeana Sohn does just that in a series of posts at closet visit where she takes you through wardrobes of local creative women.  My closet is much less interesting than what you’ll find there.  But still, I feel pretty happy with what I got, and thought it would be fun to take you on a little closet tour of my own.  Here we go: Continue reading →