outfit: road trip

vacation outfit

I’m off on a roadtrip with my two boys today and here’s what I’m wearing.  It’s a comfy happy look, which is exactly how I’m feeling as my vacation is starting to roll out.  I love this nautical straw bag that I got as a gift today.  It will be perfect for those sunny beaches.  Bon voyage!

[outfit: gaze tribal tank, zara military shorts, birkenstock madrid eva sandals, vintage straw tote]

outfit: basic black

all black outfit

Any girl’s basic uniform in NYC is all black.  I have a handful of loose black shirts with silk or chiffon mixed in to add subtle interest to an all black outfit. And tucking in just the front of this shirt to show off the button on these jeans somehow ties the whole thing together, don’tcha think?

[outfit:  Joe Fresh black top with silk pocket, Madewell high riser skinny skinny jeans, apc half moon bag, vegan arizona birkenstocks, nailcolor essie minimalist]

apt: when life gives you a sprouted onion…

green onions

…plant it!  Have your leftover onions ever sprouted?  Well don’t just throw them out.  Planting them in some potting soil yields green onions that you can use over and over again.  This onion has been sitting on my counter for the past two weeks and surprisingly sprouted these beautiful velvety green stalks.  I removed the outer layers and potted them on my kitchen windowsill.  Oh the simple joys in life!

apt: plastic minimization principle

plastic minimization

Here’s a quick tip on how to create a better living space:  minimize the amount of plastic in your home. There are some exceptions but in general, plastic represents dead energy and if you are surrounded by a lot of plastic, chances are you are unhappy with your space.  One exception to this rule is with clear acrylic items, this durable clear material allows energy to flow through with minimal impact on the space.  My other exception is with household tools that get stowed away when not in use, ie. cleaning tools, this foot stool (pictured), because we still have to be practical ya know.

So look around you, find any plastic item you’re unhappy with and change it up!  Try swapping out that plastic cup for an inexpensive pretty mason jar or swap out that plastic electric fan for a stainless steel version instead. These small changes can make a huge impact!  (And don’t forget to recycle or donate your old stuff).

apt: a brighter kitchen with ivory white

rust oleum countertop paint

 Today was a beautiful spring day and I awoke with a feeling of serenity and joy.  I felt inspired to bring more sunlight and positive energy into my apartment and decided to get rid of the sad dark, energy draining countertops in my kitchen.  In under an hour and $50 later, I transformed my kitchen into a brighter happier space.  I think Scandinavian decor’s got it right by anchoring spaces with mostly white, your surroundings become brighter, energy flows better, and we are more at peace.  Here is the before and after:

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considered living: 2 good reads

good reads

There are so many inspiring bloggers out there writing about their experience living a simpler and fuller life.  So many are writing about minimalism, it’s even being called ‘trendy’, with some people subscribing to it like dogma, but for me it doesn’t strictly define my lifestyle.  In fact, it is something I rarely talk about in my personal life and if you knew me, you wouldn’t ever label me a minimalist.  My life is pretty ordinary, I still have a lot of junk in my apartment and still buy new things that I don’t need.  For me, minimalism is a pursuit, a process, and a guiding light.  And it’s about finding a balance that is still practical and realistic.  Since embracing minimalism, I find myself worrying about obtaining objects less, only investing in things I love, and feeling satisfied with what I already have.

Here are some inspiring reads by 2 minimalist boys from around the blogosphere:

becoming minimalist – He is able to articulate what’s so inspiring about minimalism beautifully and recommends some good reads every week on this recurring post.

zen habits – Also very beautifully written.  He writes about the “anti-bucket list”, on being more thoughtful about our life goals and feeling satisfied in doing less.

outfit: simple safari

simple safari close up outfit

outfit incognito.

A minimalist wardrobe does not necessarily need a minimalist aesthetic but should simply be versatile and practical enough to be worn often and in many different ways so that overall you get more out of less.  Natural patterns and practical features like large pockets and lose tomboy fit make this one a keeper for me.  This is what I wore to last year’s music festival season. Continue reading

outfit: faded army green

army green outfit

outfit incognito.

Here I am in army green again.  This time I’m pairing faded acid wash army green jeans with a knit top and fun vintage quilted leather purse in similar shades.  This is a good example of how less accessorizing can make an outfit more chic.  Gonna keep riding on the less is more bandwagon.  Continue reading